You’re probably wondering who we are and, more importantly, how we can help you so we’re here to tell all.

Weirdly: designed to make life easier for jobs-hunters like you. 

Finding a job can be hard – don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Applying for job after job, writing cover letter after cover letter, only to never hear back from recruiters? Sounds super fun. That’s where we come in.

Making your life easier– that’s what Work by Weirdly has been designed to do. No more individual cover letters, Googling job opportunities, and being underprepared for interviews. That makes Weirdly a bit different from the other recruiting platforms – we are really focussed on what will make applying for jobs easier.  

Make getting a job feel more fair.

We want you to get a job just as much as you do so, we’ve designed a platform that helps people like you find the right opportunity. Think of this as your home for Work - hunting for opportunities, nailing interviews, or managing that first pay-check. 

Having a Work by Weirdly Talent Profile is a brand new way of doing recruitment – for you AND for the recruiter. Ultimately, the goal is to make getting a job feel more fair, more fun and more open. So chuck away your resumes and jump over to our first quiz here.

Showcase your potential.

Start by creating a profile with us where we can track things like your personal information, availability and preferences for jobs. By taking our on-boarding quizzes you get the chance to showcase your potential and prove to employers you’re work-ready without the old-school resume. When your preferences sync up to a job opportunity, we’ll get in touch. Don’t worry, your personal information is completely safe with us – we’ll only use it when connecting you to employers.

What can you expect from us?

Once you've subscribed to Work by Weirdly you’ll have access to exclusive content, learning tools and offers designed to help you find a job. New quizzes will be unlocked as you go, so you can feel like you always have your best foot forward. 

We’re adding new roles every week so make sure to keep coming back! Whenever you have job-related queries or concerns, reach out! We have a whole community of people looking for jobs, just like you.


That’s it from us. It’s now your turn – become a subscriber and click here to take your first quiz (it’s not boring, we promise).