With Weirdly, Sodexo reduced volume by 70% second stage screening.

Seamless connection to your Weirdly workflow

Streamlined admin.

The store manager’s end of the recruitment process can be done all in the app. No more CV piles or emails back and forth, all handled from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop.

Weirdly Manager App interface mockup1
Weirdly Manager App interface mockup2

Interview management

Manage interviews on the go.

Store managers get quick access to their calendar of interviews – who they’re meeting with, when and for what position. Then can make notes and progress or decline candidates right there in the same screen. It's instant feedback.


Store level permissions

See your store data, noone elses.

Localised permission mean managers can track the progress of vacant positions in their own store, see which job candidates have applied for and any special categories or access needs.

Weirdly Manager App interface mockup3
Weirdly Manager App interface mockup4

Manage job requisitions

Kiss Job request admin goodbye

Store managers lodge job requisitions for approval in-app (including interview times) and then track approval status and fulfillment progress all in the same place. Save hours wasted filling in forms or emailing back and forth.


Integrate walk-in candidates

Walk-in candidates? No problem!

Integrate walk-in candidates directly into the right point in your workflow whether you're doing on-the-spot interviews or not.

With just a phone number you can skip straight to working rights checks, schedule them for an interview or add them to your talent pool for screening - no need for manual to-and-fro with head office.

Weirdly Manager App interface mockup3

Reduce admin time by 75% - by putting the right tool in store manager hands.

Your store manager needs to fill roles – and fast. By connecting the Weirdly Manager App to your Weirdly Talent Portal, your manager is free to spend more time on the shop floor. Instead of traipsing back and forth to send emails from the back office, they can uses a mobile or tablet to manage every step – from job requisition to interviews to contract requests.

Weirdly Manager App Candidate list and open postings

Training & Support

Super ridiculously easy to onboard.

Training? We'll step your managers (and you) through each feature but you won't need much – it’s that simple to use.

Alongside our manager onboarding process, we offer 24/7 live chat support for all users and an on-demand knowledgebase with simple step-by-step instructions if someone gets stuck.

Weirdly Manager App interface mockup5

For Recruiters: Eliminate manager admin

Enabling your store managers to do their job means constant admin - processing job requests, fielding status queries, transferring requests and feedback into your ATS, chasing up interview feedback, responding to an endless stream of comms...

Weirdly's Manager App is here to take all that pain away. Managers lodge and manage their own requisitions, you just approve them, then process candidates as interview feedback automatically flows back into your own Weirdly dashboard. It really is that simple.

Comms handled

Drag and drop candidates between buckets.

Integrated with Weirdly dashboard

No-stress interview setup with email and txt reminders.

Approve requisitions with one click

Contracts auto-magically populated and sent.

Instant-progress candidates

Test frontline candidate for the skills that really matter.

Automated feedback actions

Automatically send comms or other actions at each step.

Custom helpdesk options

Get to know candidates with short VideoIntros.

24/7 support for you (and managers)

Managers get rich candidate profiles before each interview.

Live interview updates

Get the metrics you need for diversity and performance.

Weirdly Recruitment ATS and CRM brand image - symbolising speed and smile

Boost productivity by giving store managers more visibility.

How many requests, queries, questions do you field in week from Store Managers wanting updates? Has my job requisition been approved? Do I have candidates to interview? Who's coming in for interviews today? Where's that contract at? 

With the Weirdly Manager App your managers can simply log on, and instantly see their request is live or how many positions they have left to fill. They can check a candidate's application status or lodge interview feedback all from the shop floor. By giving them access to the information when they need it, they can get back to where they're needed most - keeping their stores humming.

For Managers: High speed hiring, high level convenience

What do managers want? Great people filling shifts as soon as they need them, so they can get back on the floor doing the job you hired them to do.

Our manager app is the perfect companion to our high volume ATS/CRM product. Designed mobile-first so it's there whenever (and wherever) your store manager needs it, slimmed back to just the features they need to get people hired, and so easy to use even your least-techy manager will love it.

Lodge job

Fast-form job request lodging including interview time slots.

Live request

No more wondering - see if requests are pending, approved or closed in one spot.

View upcoming interviews

View list of upcoming interviews by day and time. Updated live!

Instant interview feedback

Swipe to decline or progress candidates, flag no-shows, and add feedback.

View candidate profiles

Prep for interviews by clicking or tapping to see candidate profiles.

Search candidate pool

Easy-search candidate pool for status updates or profiles.

24/7 helpdesk support

Live chat, detailed how-to articles and custom docs available in-app.

Live requisition metrics

Track simple requisition success metrics within the app.

Free your Store Managers from the back office

See how teams at companies like Target and Kmart are using the Weirdly Manager App to eliminate hours of admin and streamline comms between Store Managers and talent teams.

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We are LOVING the new addition to our careers page! What better way is there to emphasize the importance of your culture in the hiring process and give potential applicants the ability to interact with the company before applying? Thank y'all so much for your amazing work on this quiz - It was a seamless process that really brought our values to life :)

Caitlin Sullivan

I’m really pleased with our Weirdly assessment - we get brilliant engagement and hear great feedback internally. It’s nice to have a such a fun, interactive tool to educate candidates about our values.

Devin Rogozinski

We’ve had an awesome response so far and it’s been a great addition and engaging brand introduction for all of the eligible 2020 Grad applicants. Not only does it look beautiful and on brand, the questions have really encapsulated Uber’s cultural norms and have introduced these in a really fun and engaging way. Thanks @Sascha & co. Really excited to review the responses over the coming week!

Katie Noakes

Using Weirdly with Greenhouse has been amazing – it allows me to give a world-class candidate experience, without ever having to leave my Greenhouse dashboard.

Simon Martin