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Robust methodology

Consistent process for credible results.

Even though the content of each Weirdly assessment is customised to your organisation, our 5-phase methodology is the same every time. Ensuring each one is soundly pre-validated, benchmarked, checked for bias and accessibility, post-validated and then constantly improved.

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Continuous validity

Weirdly's 3-step validation.

Most tools ensure assessments are valid before they begin. In plain english, they make sure they're actually testing what you think they're testing. At Weirdly, we meet that expectation and go a step further.

Rather than proving validity once using a static, dated norm group, we analyse validity for every assessment, continuously. And we use a combination of your own employees and candidates as a dynamic, ever improving norm group. The more you use us, the more valid (and valuable) your assessments become.

Weirdly interface mockups
Weirdly interface mockups

Consistent reliability

Tested by over half a million candidates.

Our question bank is made up of hundreds of values, soft skill and trait-based questions that have been tested on and used by over 500,000 real job seekers around the world. Our inhouse team use tried and tested analyses (like Cronbach’s alpha) to make sure results are consistently high. So you can be sure your pre-hire assessments are, well, reliable.

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Reducing bias  starts by admitting you've got it.

Bias exists in all of us. That's why we work hard to give you visibility over the diversity of your recruiting pipeline at each screening stage - helping you understand how inclusive your process really is. Then we regularly analyse your assessment results so you can be sure bias isn't creeping in at the first step.

We also practice what we preach. We make sure every assessment gets a great readability score and shows no linguistic gender coding (which basically just means "doesn't favour any gender"). And we follow the EEOC's guidelines, making sure our assessments don't discriminate against protected classes.

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Deep Analytics

Tiers of reporting, for different stakeholders.

Recruiting is a team sport, with everyone needing reporting that fits their role. We break our reporting into three main types: Candidate Profiles, On-Demand Assessment Reporting, and Deep Analytics.

So the right person in your team can see the data they need, when they need it.

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Optimized for Frontline

A screening CRM built anchored in soft skills.

Pre-qualify candidates with soft skills and values assessments, review VideoIntros, then simply drag and drop them into easily configurable buckets. Automate comms at each step and trigger instant interview scheduling - seamlessly connecting recruiting teams to hiring managers.

Then layer on key metric and diversity reporting that'll keep your boss happy too.

Weirdly interface mockups

Treat candidates like they're customers.

Your candidates also use your products and services, shop in your stores or eat in your restaurants. Delivering a great candidate experience isn't a nice to have, it's a vital way to build brand loyalty so even your unsuccessful candidates leave with a positive impression.

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Experience Weirdly's exceptional candidate experience.

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We are LOVING the new addition to our careers page! What better way is there to emphasize the importance of your culture in the hiring process and give potential applicants the ability to interact with the company before applying? Thank y'all so much for your amazing work on this quiz - It was a seamless process that really brought our values to life :)

Caitlin Sullivan

I’m really pleased with our Weirdly assessment - we get brilliant engagement and hear great feedback internally. It’s nice to have a such a fun, interactive tool to educate candidates about our values.

Devin Rogozinski

We’ve had an awesome response so far and it’s been a great addition and engaging brand introduction for all of the eligible 2020 Grad applicants. Not only does it look beautiful and on brand, the questions have really encapsulated Uber’s cultural norms and have introduced these in a really fun and engaging way. Thanks @Sascha & co. Really excited to review the responses over the coming week!

Katie Noakes

Using Weirdly with Greenhouse has been amazing – it allows me to give a world-class candidate experience, without ever having to leave my Greenhouse dashboard.

Simon Martin