Recruitment Marketing for busy recruiters: Getting started

February 10, 2023
Practical ways to get off the starting blocks when you've got to fit attraction and recruitment marketing activity in around your normal talent acquisition tasks.
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Why are there no candidates?

November 29, 2022
It’s the question on every high-volume recruiter’s lips – where are the candidates? There’s a lot of chat about COVID and immigration, but is it really that simple? We went looking for answers.
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New-school ideas to source more retail candidates

November 22, 2022
Struggling to recruit at scale for retail roles? You could be looking in the wrong places. Here’s our guide to expanding your search for staff and paring down your application process.
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Careers website inspo for volume retail, QSR and graduates

November 15, 2022
From Spotify’s impressive design to Walmart’s ease of use, Weirdly looks at all the best recruitment websites of 2022. How do they manage to captivate their audience, drive applications and build their talent communities? We find out.
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Recruitment trends coming in hot for 2023

November 7, 2022
From wrapping up the pandemic to approaching Gen Z candidates, Weirdly covers the top four recruitment trends for 2023 so you can stay ahead of the game.
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Recruiting at scale (even when staff are scarce)

October 26, 2022
Not sure how to optimise volume hiring? It’s about the right channels, the best messaging and a recruitment process that works for your target applicants.
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Feature: self-service candidate interview scheduling

October 19, 2022
Weirdly’s hands-free interview scheduling is built on an integration with Calendly to put the power back in candidates’ hands.
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Speed up for the win: effective ways to reduce time-to-hire

October 12, 2022
Take too long to fill a role, and you not only risk a higher cost-per-hire, but you’re likely also missing out on fast-moving, high-quality candidates. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for reducing time-to-hire.
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Training for the recruitment Olympics

October 5, 2022
With peak around the corner, Weirdly looks at the tools and strategies you can use to make your job more effective. From easy friend referrals to a super-slick candidate experience, make sure you're prepped and supported for the busy season!
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Did you forget your candidates are humans? Set that data aside and slide into your candidate’s clogs

September 28, 2022
Efficiencies and metrics are the lifeblood of high-volume recruitment, but they can mean losing sight of the people at the other end of the process. Weirdly has three reminders to help you put humans at the forefront once again.
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Single Sign-On – for a wooshier high-volume candidate experience

September 13, 2022
Let’s be real, in the world of high-volume recruitment a lot of Gen-Zs you're engaging with will be just kind of thinking about maybe looking for a job. Any effort, even if that’s just typing their email address, will send it straight to the too-hard basket. Enter our Single Sign-On feature.
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Boost your talent community with your social channels

August 26, 2022
According to the Aussie Bureau of Statistics, almost 79% of businesses say they just don’t have enough people applying. Here’s how to use social to get as many candidates into your talent pool as possible.
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New feature – multiple journeys for multiple roles

July 11, 2022
Got a bunch of different job types you need to recruit for? Easy. Weirdly’s new feature means candidates apply, you manage everything in one place and design as many workflows as you have role types. Here’s how it works.
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Volume candidate sourcing: Refer-A-Friend your way out of the labour shortage

June 10, 2022
Refer-A-Friend is an easy way to boost candidate sourcing without boosting your workloads – the candidates do all the digging to uncover a treasure trove of passive job seekers. Better still, the very act of inviting their mates will reengage the candidates already in your talent pool.
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Volume recruitment social posts that get cut-through

May 18, 2022
Social platforms are a key part of candidate acquisition in volume recruitment. But how do you make sure you’re cutting through the frenzied noise of social media, so candidates will actually see your posts? Here are some techniques and a handy template to make it easy.
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The Weirdly story: making recruitment fast and fair

April 10, 2022
It's our birthday! To celebrate, we thought it was time to look back and where we've come from at where we're headed.
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New feature: video questions, video answers

March 31, 2022
When you’re managing high-volume recruitment, you need Gen Z eyeballs, and for that you need video. We’ve sorted that with this new feature.
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New feature: instant job requisitions, zero emails

March 31, 2022
Store managers can now lodge job requisitions within the Weirdly app – all from a mobile or tablet.
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New feature – easy invites to your talent community

March 21, 2022
Our new bulk or single invite feature makes it easy to let your existing database register on your fancy new Weirdly talent pool or community. How? Easy. It all happens in your Admin console.
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Dedicated high-volume ATS: the 7 deal-breaker features

March 10, 2022
We’ve seen first-hand that doing high-volume hiring with an ATS better suited to HQ roles results in an exhausted recruitment team, a lacklustre candidate experience, lower retention stats and little-to-no information about diversity along the recruitment funnel. If it's time to find shiny new high-volume ATS here are the features it's simply got to have.
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Nose-to-tail hiring: take on the whole human to get more than you hired for

March 7, 2022
What happens when you switch to nose-to-tail hiring? You uncover hidden skills and talents and discover the best-fit candidates for the job and your organisation. Here's how.
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Top strategies for high-volume recruitment in 2022

February 22, 2022
High-volume recruitment doesn’t come without challenges, but there are ways to attract and hire great people, without compromising on candidate experience. We have the details here.
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Gen Z and anxiety at work: we need better communication, more informal chats

January 28, 2022
Gen Zs are anxious about applying for work, and they’ve got good reason to be. While finding their place in the world, they’re also dealing with finding jobs in a chaotic, COVID-ridden market. Here’s the good news – the simplest of changes will make all the difference.
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Feature: Store Manager feedback for no-touch communication

January 23, 2022
Sometimes the simplest changes can create seismic shifts in the way you work with your Store Managers. And this dinky little feature – feedback – could be the one tweak you were waiting for.
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Omicron mass sick leave – here's who to call

January 13, 2022
Omicron is closing stores – not because of government lockdowns but because staff are calling in sick. Here’s how Weirdly helps keep you open.
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