With Weirdly, Sodexo reduced volume by 70% second stage screening.

Applicant Tracking System / CRM

Instant Longlists.

Instantly get a curated talent pool based on your customised criteria - a longlist of people who have the soft skills you need, in the location you need them, with the right availability.  

Weirdly interface mockups
Weirdly interface mockups

Hands-Free Interview Management

Seamless Interview Scheduling.

Automated scheduling makes Weirdly lightening fast, while liberating the candidate experience.


Automated and Nurture messages

Automated Candidate Communications.

Cleverly crafted messages keep candidates engaged and make sure all your applicants get a "customer quality" experience - not just the successful ones.

Weirdly interface mockups

With exceptional candidate experience - so candidates remain customers.

Your candidates also use your products and services, shop in your stores or eat in your restaurants. Delivering a great candidate experience isn't a nice to have, it's a vital way to build brand loyalty so even your unsuccessful candidates leave with a positive impression.

Weirdly Candidate list


Weirdly plays nice with the rest of your HRTech stack

We get it. HRTech software is only useful if it works well with the rest of the tools you use day-to-day.

Our integrations will deliver you seamless interview scheduling (virtual or in-person), video screening, document and offer management, working rights checks and even the odd ATS connection.

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Weirdly integrations

All the features you need, none you don't.

Weirdly's feature set is designed for one thing: Getting the best frontline staff into your shifts, fast.

Sure, we're packed full of features that help build talent communities, nurture candidates and pre-screen. But we've also got all the automation and configuration you’d expect in a volume-ATS, and a dedicated app for managers that'll keep your admin levels as low as possible. Fast can be fun - for you AND your candidates.

Customised workflows

Drag and drop candidates between buckets.

Interview scheduling

No-stress interview setup with email and txt reminders.

Instant contracts and documents

Contracts auto-magically populated and sent.

Soft skills assessment

Test frontline candidate for the skills that really matter.

Trigger Automations

Automatically send comms or other actions at each step.

Video Intros

Get to know candidates with short VideoIntros.

Candidate Profiles

Managers get rich candidate profiles before each interview.


Get the metrics you need for diversity and performance.


Give all candidates useful feedback, quickly.


Automate comms to keep engaging candidates.


Build your own talent community for efficient sourcing and ongoing engagement

NXS experience scoring

Capture cNPS-style candidate experience metrics.

Access ANZ's largest (and fastest growing) database of under-20's

Book a time with our reps to hear how other graduate programmes and talent teams are using Weirdly to attract and hire GenZ talent faster.

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Experience Weirdly's exceptional candidate experience.

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We are LOVING the new addition to our careers page! What better way is there to emphasize the importance of your culture in the hiring process and give potential applicants the ability to interact with the company before applying? Thank y'all so much for your amazing work on this quiz - It was a seamless process that really brought our values to life :)

Caitlin Sullivan

I’m really pleased with our Weirdly assessment - we get brilliant engagement and hear great feedback internally. It’s nice to have a such a fun, interactive tool to educate candidates about our values.

Devin Rogozinski

We’ve had an awesome response so far and it’s been a great addition and engaging brand introduction for all of the eligible 2020 Grad applicants. Not only does it look beautiful and on brand, the questions have really encapsulated Uber’s cultural norms and have introduced these in a really fun and engaging way. Thanks @Sascha & co. Really excited to review the responses over the coming week!

Katie Noakes

Using Weirdly with Greenhouse has been amazing – it allows me to give a world-class candidate experience, without ever having to leave my Greenhouse dashboard.

Simon Martin