Guys, we just got the call. No, not the "hey, you've been picked for that cool new NASA job" call, this one was even better. It was to tell us we've been selected by the NZ Innovation Council as one of their 2016 Innovation Heroes.As you can imagine, we're pretty chuffed.Each year, the NZIC select up to 5 of NZ's top innovators to profile at a series of events for NZ entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts all around the country. People can hear these five Innovation Heroes share inspiring stories, experiences and advice about some of NZ's most exciting business ventures.This year, we've been chosen to join the clever, inspiring founders from EatMyLunch, Martin Jet Pack (who make actual jet packs), Kode BioTech and the crazy geniuses at 8i who, awesomely, just picked up funding from Ashton Kutcher.We'll be touring the country with these guys in May - tickets will be on sale from next week so keep an eye on our twitter profile (@weirdlyhub) for the link.

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