#aucklandrec or Auckland Recruitment Meet-up is a regular Meetup of talent sourcing professionals from all over Auckland. Fuelled by Toto’s Pizza and lots of tasty beverages; over 100 talent professionals chatted, networked and learnt about diversity.After some drinks were had......https://twitter.com/MattBRecruiter/status/849037795540611072...the speakers kicked off. First up was Katy Anquetil from Manpower Group who started with a thought provoking demo:https://twitter.com/TweetingTrace/status/849916880626237440Three volunteers - two women and a man - were each offered a glass of wine, and much more wine was poured into the man’s glass. Katy asked the man if he was a parent, when he said yes, he got more wine!It was a very visual way to show the wage gap… Katy pulled out stats which shows that it is a whopping 12%, unless you’re a parent... then it grows to 17%.It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, in a room full of talent professionals, Katy gave some very concrete actions through the use of a pertinent Ryan Gosling meme.

Ryan Gosling says: Hey girl, didja know that if women were earning as much as men, the US Economy would produce over $47 billion in additional income... will you ask for a raise?

Then next up was Philip Patston from DiversityNZ but speaking about Be Accessible NZ. He had the shakiest start to his presso… getting stuck in the lift on the way in!https://twitter.com/PhilipPatston/status/849907183953235968A stark reminder that you should check your equipment regularly!Philip also started with some stats…

1 in 4 kiwis have access needs

Pointing out that while 1 in 4 kiwis have access needs… 60% of them are un/under employed. The opportunity cost of this workforce exclusion has been calculated at $11.7 billion. He then outlined some of the amazing things that Be. is doing to fix this:

Things that BeAccessible NZ does

Last up was Claire Montgomerie from Westpac NZ. Conscious of the fact she was standing between the crowd and the pizza, Claire went through the amazing things that Westpac had done with with Inclusion and diversity. Through consistent programmes, Westpac NZ’s leadership team is now 51% women.https://twitter.com/GemmaSEEK/status/849920840070070272Claire pointed out that it wasn’t good enough to consider only one type of metric… and that Westpac NZ had created a group or programme for all sorts of diversity. They specifically had groups for culture, gender, sexuality, age, disability & accessibility. In fact, they are one of the first kiwi companies to be awarded the Rainbow Tick.Well that was us from #aucklandrec. It was a blast, and if you are in recruitment you should go and sign up on Meet-up and perhaps we’ll see ya there!PS: the pizzas were awesome, thanks XRef!!https://twitter.com/RichLewisAus/status/849877631017271296

Some takeaways from the evening:

Katy Antequil from Manpower Group

Philip Patston from Diversity NZ

Claire Montgomerie from Westpac NZ

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