Here at Weirdly HQ we love a good question.Just yesterday, Keren asked the crew to name their favourite 90's cult classic movie and Dan fired back like, 30 of his own questions in response."What genre? My favourite then, or my favourite now? What do you mean by 'cult classic' exactly?".It was, frankly, pushing the question-love a bit far.The following are questions of a slightly less infuriating variety. They're a selection we've picked from some of our favourite Weirdly quizzes - some slider and some free text. Have a read, be inspired and start imagining how fun you could make YOUR candidate process:

Slider Questions:

Weirdly recruitment question example Q 1
Weirdly recruitment question example question2
Weirdly recruitment question example q 3

Free Text:

Awesome Interview question - Weirdly
Best ever interview questions - Weirdly
Best interview questions - Weirdly

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