We’ve all been there. It’s 2am, you wake up in cold sweats and start doubting your job, your business, the decisions you made that seemed so smart the day before.“Am I doing the right thing? Do people really want this service? I believe in it, but does anyone else?”When you’re running a startup, it’s an almost nightly occurrence. And man, it’s easy to let this doubt take hold so it’s really important to give the wins and external validation equal air-time on your late night brain-radio (braidio?).For Weirdly, this positive stuff comes in the form of new clients signing up every day but it's the feedback on our candidate experience that's getting us REALLY excited.We’ve had some big, exciting companies sign up to use us in their hiring process. We've also had heaps of smaller, equally exciting ones come onboard and we’re continuing to see users trickle in from overseas.There’s momentum happening there, which is exciting, but it’s important for us to remember who we really designed Weirdly for, way back when.Our focus has always been on the people who are applying for your jobs.We think people should work in jobs they love, and for companies they believe in. And for that, they need a better recruitment process.Earlier this week we were digging through our analytics and realised, we’re not far off a huge milestone – 10,000 candidates through the system.That’s almost ten thousand people who’ve had an awesome, fun candidate experience. Ten thousand people who have had the chance to assess (and be assessed) on how well they’ll fit the culture of the company they’re applying to.We get heaps of feedback from candidates who are applying through Weirdly. Sometimes it comes directly over twitter, sometimes it’s fed back through clients and occasionally, someone actually takes the time to hunt us out on the google-machine and email us directly.It’s always overwhelmingly positive but yesterday, we got a particularly great one that had us in full celebration-mode and reminding us all why we do this.It went a little something like this:

"Hi guys, absolutely LOVE your quiz! Just did it for the [awesome client who will remain nameless] job.It pushes you to think what you're looking for in a career and at the same time gives you a great indication of what the brand you're applying for might be like.To be honest the whole job hunting process is quite disenchanting, it's a big life move and it should be exciting but yet every job description and recruitment interview feels bland and templated. You guys stimulate thought which is great but you also ignite inspiration.Please keep it up and do you post all 'Weirdly' jobs on your twitter account? If so I think I'll use that instead of [job boards]."

That’s big bikkies to us. It's super-awesome to hear that candidates love Weirdly - it's encouraging to the whole team and I’m pretty sure it’ll stave off the cold sweats for another night.