Great company culture is linked to profit growth. We know it and you know it. But sometimes convincing the big bosses to invest more resource into growing culture feels way harder than it should.So we’ve created a useful open resource (let’s not be fancy, it’s a google sheet) that’ll help you build a compelling, data-driven case supporting investment in your company culture. This is a list of articles, studies, infographics and case studies that’ll help convince any boss that a great culture directly impacts your organisation’s bottom line (even if the boss you need to convince is you).[caption id="attachment_7095" align="aligncenter" width="365"]

"Company culture is linked to profit" probably says Beyonce

Because let's face it. Your boss may not be Beyonce, but they still love them some paper.[/caption]

Great culture is linked to profit. Your budget is linked to your business case

It seems every man and his dog is studying the impact of culture on the bottom line at the moment. But noone's got endless time to trawl the internet looking for reputable sources with just the right statistic for your case.So we’ve pulled together a list of the top published studies, infographics and articles on the subject. These all support the case that awesome company cultures are directly linked to profit, productivity and competitiveness. That means building a great business case for investment in culture, just got way easier.And because this is an ever-evolving field of research, we’ve made this list live and editable. That means it’s literally YOUR list. Crowd-sourced from awesome people-professionals (just like you), able to be added to and amended on a live google-sheet document by you and everyone else in the HR/Talent/Culture community.Because we all benefit when more companies create awesome workplace cultures, this resource is designed so our community can help each other make a better business case for culture.So jump in, take a look. Add your own links to favourite studies, research, infographics and articles to the google doc and make your own case for why better culture is linked to profit and better business.