Last night our co-founders Dale and Simon hosted an energetic and exciting rendition of Family Feud, with a recruitment twist (of course) at the #sydRecMeetup. The whole evening was sponsored by LinkedIn, Enboarder and ourselves. The anticipation was well and truly built up before the event, the venue allowed us to have 120 and we maxed that out. (Not to mention a wait list a mile long). We’d also like to give a #shoutout to Troy Hammond of TalentArmy who gave us the idea to begin with. And a massive #shoutout to Chris Long, Mark Mansour and Neil Gunning for inviting us to be part of it all.For those that aren’t familiar with Family Feud; it is a game show first created in 1976 in the United States and has since spread all over the world. The TLDR description is that often there will be some kind of survey before the show and the contestants on the show have to guess what would be the most popular answer to the question asked. In our case we sent the survey out to all members of the meetup online and then went about creating our panel of recruitment super-stars. The teams were boys vs girls, and we had an amazing line-up:Representing the Girls:

Representing the Boys:

There was a whopping twelve rounds so here are some of the highlights. If you’re a talent hunter in Sydney you can watch the whole thing on their closed Facebook group here.

Who are your key influencers in the talent acquisition community globally?

Bill Boorman won with 35 votes, followed by Kevin Wheeler at 28, Glen Cathey at 20, James Caan at 12 and Lazlo Block with 5

Round One kicked off asking about key influencers. When social is key to getting your brand out there, it was no surprise that Bill Boorman of the Recruiting Unblog came up on top as the most popular answer. We’re big fans of Bill already but thought that there were a few key names missing off this list like William Tincup and Stacy Zapar. There are really so many to choose from.

What are the key factors that affect the candidate experience?

Feedback edged out all others with 41, followed by response time at 29, the reality of the job at 15, respect at 10 and technoloogy coming in last at 5

This question is near and dear to our hearts. Here at Weirdly, we are all about the candidate experience. We like to think that our software makes your life as a recruiter simpler, which should give you more time to provide feedback! Our automagic filtering that happens whether you have a hundred or a thousand applicants should also cut your response time by the bucketload.

What are the top ways you would measure your employer brand?

Retention won the day with 25, the quality of the applicants at 20, surveying the candidates at 18, employee referrals close behind at 14 and Glassdoor at 12

These are all awesome ways to measure your employer brand. We totally agree! A strong employer brand will increase your staff retention and you will get a better class of applicants through the door. Here at Weirdly we help you build the culture you want to have. That’s your brand of weird, and it should help you attract and keep the very best people.

If money was not a constraint, what would you invest your budget in?

A New ATS is top of the dream list at 31 points, EVP/Branding on its heels with 29, people at 16, automation tools at 14, and conferences at 10

We love the utopia question… people always get that dreamy look in their eyes and that faraway smile.We’re also glad that the superyacht didn’t make this list, what a dedicated bunch of talent professionals. For some of you larger corporates, a top notch ATS is vital, but we’re glad to see that Branding and People are high up on the list too.

Sayonara for now

If you missed the night, I’m sure you’re keen to find out who won... It was a close call, but the audience chose the girls this time round.

Let's hear it for the girls!

It wasn’t all a serious competition though, there were some very memorable moments including Gareth Davies from Enboarder singing his heart out whilst experiencing technical difficulties during his preso or Chris Long throwing a highly sought after Weirdly cap over his shoulders to a feverish bunch of groupies at the end of the night. I think it's safe to say that the Sydney Recruitment Community is very much alive and well.It was a blast coming across the ditch to host, and now there is such an amazing Powerpoint, it’d be sad to see it go to waste, there’ll probably be a re-match at some stage.

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