We’ve bibbidi-bobbidi-booed some more magic in the Weirdly screening CRM. Our new contracts feature is so simple, you’ll kind of wonder how you got by without it.

If you use DocuSign, PandaDoc or soon, Adobe Sign to manage contracts with your candidates, our new integration will let you send bulk contracts and get signed docs back in hours, not days. Instead of emailing contracts (then waiting for your candidates to work out how to print, sign, scan and send them back), a few button clicks get contracts into the right hands, with the right details – and store managers and candidates can sign them digitally. That makes the candidate experience better, keeps your store managers sweet and saves you a massive amount of fiddling around. 

Here’s how it works. 

Move your successful candidates into the Documents bucket

Completed your initial screening and have a bunch of successful candidates ready to offer? Good. Drag them into your Documents bucket.

Choose your contract and double-check the details 

Moving candidates into Documents triggers a sidebar, where you can choose the right contract and tweak any of the details – either for the whole group or for individuals. Flick through a contract for each candidate if you want, or just hit confirm. 

Hit ‘go’, and wait for the signed contracts to roll in

Seriously, that’s it. At the other end of the computer, your store managers and candidates are getting emails prompting them to sign – which they can do with a couple of mouse clicks. Once each contract has been signed, candidates are automatically bumped into your Hired bucket. 

Don’t think about position numbers ever again

Notice how we haven’t mentioned position numbers yet? That’s on purpose. Once you’ve chosen the job title, position and location, you’ll see all the cost-centre or payroll numbers prepopulated in the contract. No more squinting at spreadsheets, which means things are way faster and more accurate. 

Now there are only two things you need to do. Book a demo to see our Bulk Contracts feature in action, and write a list of all the things you’re going to do when you eliminate contract nightmares from your life.