So we're trialling a special offer for any awesome clients who've signed up since we launched our 2.0 set of features. It's going pretty well so in the interests of fairness, we thought we'd better extend it out to the rest of the world who haven't sign up yet:

Let our expert culture team set-up a quiz customised to your own business, totally FREE!

This is the thing for you if you love the idea of Weirdly, but you're a bit stuck getting started.

Not sure how to choose questions or define your culture? Never fear! We're sending in Super-Dale (or Bat-Simon) to help you magic your unique branded quiz into existence.

wonder woman spinning

They can help you choose the right questions from our question bank, or customise your own. Either way, after an hour with these two you'll have a unique, customised quiz that's perfectly suited to your own business or role.

We can conduct your hour-long quiz setup session in person (if you're based in Auckland), over the phone or using the magic of google hangouts.

So if you're keen to have someone take a bit of work off your hands, register here and we'll book a time in to coach you through your first setup. From then it's easy, you'll be able to duplicate and tweak your master quiz for different roles.

In fact, once you're familiar with the values you're trying to communicate and the attributes you're looking for, you'll able to set up new quizzes yourself from scratch in double-time.

Simon's knocking them out in 10mins now. If you reckon you can beat that time, tweet us your personal best and we'll send you some swag.