A few years ago, we opened a Slack channel called People People. It’s a space just for recruiters to share news, ask questions and discuss trends in the industry, and it has 5,951 members and counting. Recently, we noticed something – high-volume recruitment has emerged as its own beast, with distinct target candidates, challenges and trends. And as the People People channel gets even busier, it’s becoming harder to have focussed discussions around those more niche topics. So, we started up a channel on a new platform just for high-volume recruiters, and you're invited.

The platform has been going for a month now, and we’re already seeing lots of membership and some great discussion.

For example, when you have a highly-automated system, how can you deal with young people walking into stores with paper CVs? Or what does Gen Z expect from a grad programme?

Good chat already happening on the high volume recruiters' Discord server

If you’re a high-volume recruiter, click here to join the party.

Discord? Wait, what is that?

Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app. It’s used by tens of millions of people, but you’ve probably never heard of it before. Why is that? Most users are very young, which we’re assuming isn’t you or many of your friends. If you have teenagers, they might be using Discord to connect with online communities about anything from art projects and homework to mental health and gaming – which is where it all started.

The vast majority of little groups, called ‘servers’, are private and invite-only. It’s pretty similar to Slack, but with more features. People opt in and out of discussions and there’s no news feed or algorithm delivering posts. You jump into a server and leave a message or chat with anyone who happens to be there.

There are also some big open communities, generally focussed on topics like Minecraft and Fortnite. Users can communicate by voice, text and video, organised into ‘channels’, which have different rules and topics. One channel might be for voice banter, another for sharing funny images and a third for serious text discussions.

Why not host this on Slack or Facebook?

We know, we know. Learning a new platform isn’t fun, but if you’re a high-volume recruiter, Discord is where a lot of your potential candidates are hanging out. To connect with them, we need to know how they tick and we can’t do that if we don’t even understand their world. So, hosting the new high-volume recruiter group on Discord is a quick way to get your head around this little corner of the internet.

Join the party

If that sounds pretty good to you, welcome to the party.

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(ps. want to join us over on the People People Slack channel too? You can.)