A while back we talked about our new Weirdly language translation offering. Well, this week we've launched our first use-case with Les Mills International.

As one of the world's most respected fitness brands, Les Mills classes are taken in gyms all around the globe. Their recruitment efforts are equally global. That means it's important every part of the candidate experience is welcoming to candidates from all over the world.

The Les Mills team have integrated a custom Weirdly quiz into their usual JobVite process. This lets hiring managers and recruiters instantly screen candidates based on values and soft-skills alignment. The translation feature means candidates complete the Weirdly quiz in their most familiar language.

So candidates in Portugal or Brazil can answer screening questions, with an awesome branded experience in Portuguese. While candidates in Japan get the exact same quality experience (and answer the same questions) in Japanese.

What's in it for Les Mills?

By delivering this consistent experience, the Les Mills talent team build comparable data sets from all around the world. Our psych team will work alongside Les Mills to pull out patterns and insights on a regular basis.  All this helps their recruiting team build more efficient, inclusive hiring strategies over time.

So we're talking about layers of benefit here.

For the candidate:

For the recruiting/hiring bods at Les Mills:

So how does the process work exactly?

For the Les Mills team, this customisation is a seamless experience. The  JobVite integration allows the recruiting team to attach a Weirdly quiz with one click as they set up a job. From that point on, everything is automated.

When a candidate clicks on a Les Mills job ad, they complete the standard JobVite application form as usual. On hitting the submit button though, they're now automatically sent an email invitation to complete a Weirdly screening quiz.

This email (and the quiz they're linked to) is automatically configured to be delivered in the appropriate language for the market. So if the candidate completed their application via an ad they found on WeChat, the email will be delivered in Chinese. If they found the ad on a German job board, they'll be sent the exact same email and quiz in German.

This language customisation happens automatically in the ATS without the team having to click any extra buttons or add any steps. It's super simple and means the recruiting team keeps momentum high by sticking with the process they know works.

Once candidate responses are in, hiring managers can log into the ATS in the usual way to review shortlisted candidates. Their overarching Weirdly score is easy to spot at a glance, right from the candidate list view.

Each candidate also has their Weirdly assessment results attached as an easily printable pdf so managers can check scores against each attribute. It's a great way for them to get a deeper understanding of each person, as well as a brilliant start-point for interviews.

Do you recruit globally? The simple act of providing a screening assessment in the language your candidates feel most comfortable using speaks volumes about your commitment to inclusivity (as well as improving your application accessibility). Have a chat to our team today about multi-language soft-skills screening.