They say when things feel like they might be falling apart, take another look - it could actually be things falling into place. The past 18months of pandemic life has been...hectic, from a global perspective. But for our team at Weirdly, it’s been exciting to recognise some pieces falling into place.

One of those pieces (some of those pieces?) – the bunch of brilliant people who have joined our team. They’re helping supercharge a host of new projects, products and features we’ll be sharing with you over the coming months.

Before we do that though, here’s an intro to the Weirdlings who’ve joined us to help make recruitment faster and fairer. 

Daniel Walters – CTO

Daniel, previously a CTO/CIO at Seek Asia, is already well steeped in the world of jobs and recruitment. He made the leap from beautiful, warm Malaysia over to the also-beautiful but very, very cold NZ right in the depth of lockdown winter. It was a bold move, but one we’re very glad he made. Daniel brings years in senior and executive roles with some of the APAC region’s largest tech companies – helping them build efficient, valuable products that people like you, love to use.

Charlotte Gribbin – VP, Global Sales

Right from the start, Charlotte has helped HR and Recruitment people get their hands on great tech that makes their work more effective and satisfying. We're excited she'll be working this magic on our behalf now, after spending the past 3.5 years at PageUp where she first lead the sales function then moved to head up a new Recruitment Marketing product. She’s working out of our (virtual) Melbourne office to help us take Weirdly to the world. 

Giles Kirkham – Sales Director

Another Melbournite, Giles will be working alongside Charlotte as our sales director. He brings some impressive chops and a very large little black book developed over years of work with SaaS HR and recruitment companies. His big focus is on helping companies make better use of tech to transform the way they work with customers, suppliers and employees. 

Nick Niblett – Senior Marketing Manager

It might say ‘marketing’ in the title, but Nick’s experience has ranged heaps wider than that. He’s a tech founder himself and has spent years running a digital agency. Basically, he's the closest thing marketing gets to a triple-threat. His deep experience developing growth strategies, as well as executing on marketing, sales and operational activities makes him an invaluable addition to the wider Sales & Marketing team. 

Some more Weirdos! 

Pre-covid and in the early days of lockdown (remember sourdough and Dalgona Coffee?), we also had a bunch of new faces join our product and customer success teams:

Cameron Junge – Senior engineer 

Cameron has some impressive Kiwi digital brands in his portfolio and held senior roles in companies like Eventfinda and He joined our NZ-based team a few months ago, and they (and the rest of us) couldn’t have been more pleased to have him. 

Abenezer Abede – Software Engineer

Abenezer is a software engineer and UI/UX designer, so our product couldn’t stop fist-pumping when he joined us. His last role was at John Snow Inc (and we promise, they do know something).

Ryan Stevenson – Customer success and implementation

Hailing from Sydney, Ryan joined the team in April, bringing with him experience from roles at Hayes Recruitment and Apple, of all the fancy places. 

Lily Davenport – Customer support specialist

Lily is new to Weirdly and, as our resident Gen-Z wrangler, pretty new to the world of work. She started part-time with us mid last year and has been absolutely rocking it in the Customer Success team ever since.

Becky Chen - Executive Assistant

Becky is like one of those cartoon octopuses that are always juggling a million things at once and never dropping a single one. She's swept in to bring order to Weirdly as we grow and support the leadership team with, well, everything really. She's fiercely organised, the first person to offer a hand or an ear if you need one, and has a tiny bell she rings if Keren takes too long making her point in a meeting.