It's the final week of #growthsprint and we've saved the most exciting feature release till last.

Move over, outer-space, there's a new final frontier in town. That's right, we're talking about Natural Language Analysis.

Ok, ok, it may not look like your traditional "frontier", and final might a bit of a stretch, but I think we can all agree that the ability to analyse free-form text is a game-changer. You might have heard of Watson? The super-computer hidden in the basement of the Silicon Vally IBM offices? This is the kind of thing Watson is doing - it's about pulling clues from the way people write and the words they choose, to give you deeper, richer insights into their character.

With our new text analysis feature (AKA donuts), you'll be able to get meaningful insights about your applicant's personality, based on the text answers they've submitted. That means, we're analysing the answers they give to any free-text questions, and the "100 words about why you're a good fit for this role" blurb, and telling you whether that person is more or less likely to be introverted, detail oriented, or emotionally-led.

Weirdly Natural Language Analysis

It's magic!

These little donuts take the Weirdly applicant analysis to a whole other level, and we're pretty excited about it.

This, like our reporting feature, is another tool automatically included in Weirdly paid packages. If you've got free text questions in your quizzes, or if you'd like to get a deeper level of insight into your applicants, you can upgrade to a paid plan through your admin panel.

If you've already got a paid plan, log-in, check it out and let us know what you think!

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