Yes. Making a big move with software can be painful – you know it’s going to level you up massively, but getting all your data in there and all the systems linked sure is a process.

Our new bulk or single invite feature makes one part of that nice and easy – inviting one, some or all of your database of candidates to register for your fancy new Weirdly talent pool or community.

How? Easy. It all happens in your Admin console.

Invite them and they will come

Download your data from one system onto a spreadsheet, using our CSV template so you know the data is formatted the right way.

If you like, you can add notes to the spreadsheet that'll be automatically attached to the candidates’ profiles when they register – that way you can track where they came from originally.

This feature is already live – it’s being used by the Target Career Hub and will be soon by Student Job Search NZ.

Bulk-import them and they will come. Book a demo to see for yourself.