Mmmm. Delicious data. There’s nothing quite like it for guiding recruiting decisions, showing progress to your board and tracking how you’re doing against goals like diversity or speed to hire. 

The data has always been there in Weirdly, but now our incredible analytics team has sorted you out a way to slice and dice it in real-time. Introducing the live analytics dashboards, where you can see snapshots of data aggregated from your entire talent pool, live or at any point in time. 

Here are some of the metrics and insights you’ll get from your dashboard. 

Get quick metrics

See how many candidates you have in the pool, how many you’ve hired and how quick that process was.


Spot bias in your recruitment process

See how different groups are progressing through the funnel – if the coloured lines reduce evenly, it’s a good indicator that one group isn’t being discriminated against at any point. 

Understand who – and where – your candidates are 

Filter by age, gender, ethnicity and location, and see at a glance how your talent pool is made up. This can help you support efforts for more diversity - after all, it’s far harder to recruit more from one group if you don’t have many represented in your pool. 

Check on the quality of the assessment

You’ll be able to see how well your Weirdly quiz is doing its job – are you hiring people who score higher in the quiz or is it just random? The number in the middle is the average score of the highlighted group (in this case, those who were hired). 

You can also use this visualisation to see how different groups scored on the attributes, which lets you confirm at a glance that your screening process isn’t applying any negative bias to under-represented groups.

Spot anomalies and trends 

With the assessment score distribution, you can check that the most recent quiz results are consistent with historic results. Any big change could help you understand seasonal trends or indicate that something’s changed which might require further investigation.

Get the dashboards 

Ready to turn on your live analytics dashboards? Cool – get in touch with your account manager now or book a demo.