A wee nudge with a text message can eliminate that time lag or give candidates quick updates, and that’s exactly what our SMS comms feature lets you do.

Even with the keenest of candidates, it’s surprisingly easy for your email to get lost in a sea of 50%-off sales and Instagram notifications. If your candidate does eventually retrieve it from the depths of the inbox, you’ll still have lost precious days to get your hands on signed contracts or working rights info.

Some of our clients have been trialling the use of SMS to invite candidates to online interviews – it’s working really well, so we’re rolling that out to other kinds of candidate communications. Here’s how you could use it:

Build automated SMS into your workflow 

When you’re setting up your workflow with your Weirdly account manager, you may choose to build automated SMS into it and move candidates along the funnel faster. The SMS could be triggered by actions like moving candidates from one bucket to another – for example, put candidates in the ‘offer’ bucket to trigger your contract-sending process, and text messages nudging them to check their emails. 

Send quick updates 

Sometimes things change – maybe a deadline has extended, for example – and you need to get in touch with candidates fast. Again, with an average open rate of 98%, text messaging is an almost full-proof way of getting the word out. Just get in touch with your Weirdly account manager and we’ll get it out quick-smart. 

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