The Weirdly (virtual) office is buzzing with the news of our latest feature – and we think you’ll be pretty stoked too. Why? Because managing your account is about to get a whole lot easier.

Introducing the Admin Console – it takes things up a self-servicey notch. Rather than contacting your Weirdly account manager to add a new location or manage users, you can now do this – and heaps more – just by logging in.

The power is now in your hands. The Admin Console gives you more control over your CRM, meaning you can move quickly to get new locations set up – and start recruiting for jobs faster.

Here’s how it works:

Where to find your Admin Console

From your Weirdly CRM, click on your profile menu in the top-right hand corner. Select Admin Console. You’ll be automatically connected to your new Admin Console, where you can access and manage store information, right away.

Add a new location

Navigate to Locations on the left-hand menu, then click Add.

From this screen, you can also Edit Location, including contact details and store manager information.

Add a new Job

Navigate to Jobs on the left-hand menu, then click Add.

Here you can find, add and update job titles and descriptions.

Add new Users

Navigate to Users on the left-hand side menu, then click Add. Fill in their names, emails, assign them a role – then hit Update. Too easy.

Add a new Brand

Navigate to Brands on the left-hand menu, then click Add New Brand. In this section, you can add brands that you’ve cultivated a relationship with, and attach their URL and brand logo. Sweet.

Got any questions?

Simple – get in touch with your customer manager, and they’ll give you a hand.

To see how you can use the Admin Console to enhance your recruitment process, book a demo now.