The more automation the better – right? Right. Our brand new feature does more talent assessment with less hands-on fiddliness.

How? Simple, really. Set multiple assessments to be automatically served up to candidates, triggered by different responses or by different steps in your screening process. That makes it just a bit easier to put candidates through multiple layers of assessment or recruit for different roles through a single talent portal.

Here’s how you could use this feature: 

Create a multi-stage process

If a candidate passes the first assessment, you can automatically serve up a second assessment. Perhaps the first quiz assesses values-fit or availability, and the second evaluates leadership capacity. Nice. 

Recruit for multiple roles through one portal

You can also assess candidates for more than one job family, through one portal. Candidates indicate the type of work and role they’re interested in by selecting from a dropdown menu in their Talent Profile. Then, when they jump into the quiz portion of their Talent Profile the right assessment will be sitting there ready for them to complete.

We were so excited about this feature, we couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive in our own recruitment. We’ve been using it to recruit across roles, from developers to marketers, all from one pool of candidates.

So how do you turn multiple assessments on? Simple – get in touch with your customer manager, and they’ll sort the rest.

To see how you can use multiple assessments to enhance your recruitment process, book a demo now.