When you’re managing high-volume recruitment, you need Gen Z eyeballs, and for that you need video.

One study showed that 85% of teens use YouTube every week – this is a group that loves video.

That’s why our dev whiz kids have been cooking up a new way of quizzing your Gen Z candidates. In some kind of mega-video conversation, you can even let users answer a video question with videos of their own (or choose any/all of the options available in a multimedia question).

Here’s how it works

Add a multimedia question, then get the Weirdly team to configure it with the required video. This will include adding a detailed video content description to boost accessibility for candidates using aids like screen-readers or those whose internet connection won’t cope well with video.

To get people to respond using video, select ‘video’ as your only question type. Once the question video has played, it’ll automatically take your candidate to the recording screen to answer.

Here’s what it’ll look like for you when you’re setting it up:

Choose a multimedia question, video only. Cut and paste the URL to the video and add a description.

Here’s what it looks like for the candidate:

Once the video has finished playing, the candidate gets the option to respond with a video of their own: 

This functionality is super-cool, but how might you use it? We’ve pulled some ideas:

Get a demo

See how it works: get a demo of the Weirdly system –click here.