Got your process humming and then everything grinds to a halt at the Working Rights step? Our new VSure integration has increased working rights processing by 100% for our users. That's double the speed they were achieving before. Here's how it works:

Weirdly is all about getting high-volume recruitment with low-volume effort, and this little number is going to up the simplicity levels significantly. It’s smart automation that simplifies your compliance steps – a drag and drop of successful candidates triggers the full working rights process, so you can get back to other things. 

Here’s how it works. 

Drag and drop your successful candidates

Got your successful candidates? Good. Drop them into the Working Rights bucket and hit go. That’s it. That’s all you do. Those jazzy little ticks show that you've trigger the full process. 

Automatically trigger an email to your candidate

Your candidate gets a heads-up email, that vSure will be in touch.

Automatically trigger working rights process

vSure gets going sorting out the compliance side of things. It’ll be in touch with the candidate with prompts to fill in the details it needs to secure your working rights compliance.

Make your store managers vHappy with vSure

The best bit? This whole thing removes another manual step from your hiring manager’s day, and keeps things nice and compliant.