High-volume recruitment will only be effective if recruiters and store managers are on the same page. You need store managers engaged and ready to consider the candidates you send their way. The best way to get that alignment? Make it easy.

Making it easy comes with a bonus – they can get back to taking care of their team and customers.

That’s why we’re really chuffed to have two Weirdly features that will make your store managers’ lives easier:

Improved control over what store or hiring managers see

Store managers are time-poor, which means too much information is going to feel overwhelming. So you need them to know just enough to make the right hiring decision, and nothing more. That changes from company to company, so we’ve given you the power to decide.

Our new feature lets you choose what information hiring managers need to see when reviewing candidate profiles. Do they need to know the full CV or just the alignment scores? Do age and other demographic details matter, or are they best left off?


Automatically send digest emails

If your store managers are interviewing a bunch of people throughout the week, it can be another whole job sorting through the times and details. To help out, you can trigger short and sharp daily emails with everything your store managers need to know about who they’re interviewing that day.

They’ll be prepped for the interview with an overview of candidate names, interview times and access to their talent profiles in Weirdly – all from the one email digest. Quick and easy.

How to turn info controls and digest emails on

That’s simple – get in touch with your customer manager, and they’ll sort it for you.

To see how you can use these two features to enhance your recruitment process, book a demo now.