Store managers – they’ve got a lot on their plate. Often they’re juggling customer queries with keeping operations running smoothly, rolling up their sleeves and mucking in wherever needed.

So when they need new staff, things should be as simple as possible – that makes their lives easier and speeds things up at your end.

We’ve heard the call, and we’ve delivered. Our new Manager’s App is a game-changer.

Streamlined admin

Say goodbye to forgotten stacks of CVs in back-office rooms or endless email back-and-forth. Their end of the recruitment process can be done all in the app, and link seamlessly to your recruitment portal.

Easy. Super, ridiculously easy

Training? No. Managers can pick it up and start using it right away.

Any device, anywhere

The app can be used on any device. That means they can use it wherever works for them, on a device they’re already comfortable with – they can whip out their phone during quiet spells instead of leaving the floor to use the desktop.

Here’s how it works:

A dashboard for each manager

Each store manager is set up with a dashboard. This will give them a snapshot of what positions need to be filled and how candidates are tracking.

From here they’ll be able to:

• Track the progress of vacant positions

• See which job candidates have applied for

• See any special categories or access needs that apply to a candidate

View upcoming interviews – and make instant hiring decisions

The app gives store managers quick access to their calendar of interviews – who they’re meeting with, when and for what position.

Once the interview is done, they simply swipe right to let recruiters know whether they want to progress a candidate into the job, say 'thanks, but no thanks' or hold them for another role. Swipe, click, done.

A whizzbang new feature also lets the recruitment team add in the possible contract types to this stage. The manager choses the appropriate one, and hits go. That eliminates labour-intensive feedback rounds and contract admin – in a full automated system, once the manager clicks 'progress', all the contracts, working rights signatures and induction processes trigger automatically.

Got any questions?

Simple – get in touch with your customer manager, and they’ll give you a hand.

See the Manager’s App in action – Book a demo.