As you've probably heard, we released our much-anticipated VideoIntros feature last week and it got us thinking: What are some of the best, most clever and quirkiest interview questions we've heard that you could use as VideoIntro challenges? Here at Weirdly, we reckon allowing your candidates the chance to introduce themselves with a 15-30 second clip during your application process is smart. It lets them showcase more of what makes them shine in a way a resume never will. If you're recruiting for customer facing roles, VideoIntros also give you the chance to see how they present themselves - you get a bit of a taste of what your customers might experience in their interactions with that candidate.But how do you choose the right question to use with your particular candidates? First, you've got to ask yourself what you're after. Looking to see how well they "pitch" themselves? Want to find out how they align with your big mission? Or maybe you're just trying to get a look at their personality - to see if they'll slot into your culture or work well with a certain team? Whatever you choose, you'll get an insight into your candidate, and your candidate will also learn something about your employer brand and company culture. For example, a question like

"In 30 seconds or fewer, tell us the top three words your last manager would use to describe you, and why"

tells the candidate you value transparency and honesty, self-awareness and performance (because let's face it, noone is going to assume you want to hear "lazy, late and rude" as their three words). Whereas a question like

"In 15 seconds, tell us who you think would win in a fight: A ?or a ??"

says to your candidate that you have a culture of fun, with a slightly oddball sense of humour. That means it's an awesome opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to make your application process feel more engaging and inclusive. Pretty great opportunity right? If you're like me and suffering from a bit of decision-fatigue, don't get stuck trying to come up with the perfect question on your own. Use the list below to tweak (or you know, steal) the right question for you. We've even handily categorised them for you!

Thanks, us!

VideoIntro questions: Our favourites so far

Questions that get candidates to pitch themselves to you
Why are you such a good fit for this job? (Tell us your name and answer in 30secs)
In 30secs, which parts of this role do you think you could hit the ground running with, and why?
If we hired you for this job and we gave you three wishes what would they be? (Tell us in 30secs)
Challenges giving you insight into core values/mission alignment
Tell us about why are you job hunting at the moment (in 30secs or fewer).
You've got 30secs. Tell us about 2 things on your bucket list.
Growing up what did you always want to be? Tell us in 30secs or fewer.
Our company's core mission is to provide the highest quality goods for the lowest possible prices. In 30secs, tell us how or why that mission resonates with you.
Questions to encourage transparency or self-reflection
In 30secs, which of your previous roles best prepares you for this one and why?
What would your last manager say if I asked them to describe you? (Tell us in 30secs)
Tell us, what were your first thoughts when you saw that we were hiring? (in 30secs or fewer)
Quirky questions to showcase personality
Are you a cat or a dog person? (Tell us in 15secs or fewer)
In 30secs or fewer, what would you buy if you won a million dollars?
In the news story of your life what would the headline be? (Tell us in 15secs or fewer)
Teach me something I don't know in 45 secs
Got a great idea for a question? Share it with us on twitter, or book a demo with our crew to find out how you could integrate Weirdly VideoIntros seamlessly into your own recruitment process. This is your chance to give your candidate experience a big boost in the new year.