This announcement is going to be straight to the point - the clock is ticking and there's no time to waste! At least, that's what your candidates will be saying when they see our new timed questions feature.

Ba Dum Tsssssh!

But seriously, timed questions are one of the features we get asked for a lot - particularly by our customers who are hiring for high performance cultures or in pressured customer facing roles.We know allowing fair-but-modest time allocations on certain questions can encourage more honest, revealing answers.  The other benefit is that how a candidate performs on a timed question can help you understand how decisive they are, or how well they might operate in a pressured situation. If your organisational culture puts a lot of stock in high performance, competitiveness or grit, getting as much insight into those things as early as possible in your candidate relationship is crucial. Composing a brilliant answer to a free text question when there's a blinking timer counting down the seconds is bound to get the heart rate up.

How do Weirdly timed questions work, exactly?

You can opt to include a timer on any free text question in your Weirdly screening quiz. These might be questions you've developed yourself, or ones generated by our in-house psych team and quiz algorithm. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to customise how long you want the timer to run.When your candidate gets to that question on your quiz, they'll see a simple explanation so there are no surprises. Once they start typing their answer, the timer will start counting down. Once time runs out, that's it. Whatever they've written is saved, and they're automatically moved along to the next question.

Weirdly timed screening questions mobile friendly

Can I see how long a candidate takes to complete my whole quiz?

Yes you can - in two ways, in fact. We've always offered the ability to see an overall average completion time on the Quiz Analytics  - per quiz and per question. Along with this new timed question feature though, we've added some bonus individualised completion time info to each candidate's report. Now you can see how long a specific candidate took to submit your quiz right there on their profile.

Timed Weirdly screening quiz candidate report annotated

Is this available on custom and ATS-integrated Weirdly quizzes?

Yep! Any new Weirdly quiz created for you can include a timed question - whether you've got a simple Bronze level customisation or you're ringing all the bells and whistles with a Gold level theme. All of our first and second stage ATS integrations support this feature as well so you won't notice any disruption to exisiting process. There'll just be a useful new piece of data on your candidate reports when you open them.Could timed screening questions help you assess candidates for resilience (or performance under pressure? or writing proficiency? or attention to detail? and the list goes on...). We'd love to give you a bit more info about how this could work in your own process. Click below to choose a demo time with one of our team.