In our every-day business with Weirdly, we’ve been seeing loads of startup founders really struggle hiring their first 10-15 people. These first teams members are crucial - they set the foundation for the rest of the business. But to hire them, founders either have to throw heaps of money away on expensive recruiters, or try to fumble their own way through a Do-It-Yourself recruitment process (while still juggling everything else). We’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, so we thought we could get some of our expertise down into a guide and help make life a bit easier for everyone.

We wanted to make it really practical - with actual templates people could use, step-by-step guides to help with decision-making and checklists. There's even an over-pizza-and-beer style activity you can do with your team to help define that most slippery of intangible things: Your company culture.

It's totally free to download and use - get your hands on it here.

As a special offer to celebrate launching, we've got 3 one-year-long subscriptions to Weirdly to give away today only. To enter the draw, just share a link to our guide (you can find it here) on twitter or facebook and include the hashtag #weirdhunt. We'll be announcing winner on our Twitter profile during the course of the day today.

Happy hiring!