What if you had a pool of talented people that you KNEW wanted to work for you? They were sitting there just waiting for the right opportunity to crop up in your business?​Imagine if you could tell which ones complement your current team and share your brand values so you could send opportunities directly to them.It's a recruitment dream, right?​

Making recruitment dreams come true

Weirdly can make it happen. Setting up a general "work for us!" role for your company allows you to collect those proactive types who are contacting you through LinkedIn, sending you emails, liking your Facebook page and visiting the contact page on your website.​Here’s how you do it: set up a quiz that assesses candidates according to how well they fit with your company brand values, working environment and your internal culture. Then, encourage people to find out if your place is the right place for them.

Case study Superette – recruiting from scratch was a bit MAAAH

Take one of our clients as an example. Superette is a high-end fashion retailer with three stores around Auckland.Like lots of retailers, hiring the right store staff is crucial for Superette. These people are the embodiment of the brand for customers who come in to browse or buy. They have to achieve a fine balance between professional salesmanship and aspirational-but-friendly fashionista. It’s a golden combo - and the right people aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. So, when eager people approach the brand, the team at Superette don’t want to lose them - even if there isn’t a role available right at that moment.Before Weirdly, the Superette guys were filling available roles from scratch. It was slow and really painful: writing new job ads, sorting through CVs and building shortlists based on sparse information. It was time-consuming and didn’t necessarily uncover the best people. To top it off, the reality of a rapidly growing businesses meant when they needed new staff, they needed them fast. Understandably, recruitment made everyone feel a bit MAAAH!

The right talent, always waiting

With Weirdly, they’ve been able to employ the “fishing in a bucket” method.They’ve set up a general job that captures people interested in working for Superette, in any role. The quiz on this job is designed to measure how well these people will fit with the over-arching Superette brand values – do they share a love of fashion? Do they love meeting and working with people? Do Crocs make them feel a bit sad in their deepest soul?This job is permanently open and funnels people through from their social channels and website. Then, when a job becomes available, it’s a simple matter of talking to this list of pre-qualified candidates, their own talent pool, who already love Superette.Doing this is a smart way to create another valuable sourcing avenue, one that’s perfectly tailored to your own business.

So you’ve set up your general quiz. What next?

  1. Once you’ve set up your general quiz, you can customise the “thanks” message applicants see at the end. This lets people know you've got them on file and will notify them when a job comes up.Put that quiz on your contact page (you can even embed it using an iFrame so people can apply without ever leaving your website).​Set it as a Facebook tab on your company page (use this tool for crazy-easy set up).​Tweet out a link periodically.
  2. Flick it back in your response to anyone approaching you on LinkedIn or via email about internships or roles in your organisation.
  3. If you have a company LinkedIn page, post it there too.​

Basically, spread it far and wide. Use the quiz as the way to capture interested people who you'd like to have on hand for future job opportunities.And voila, you've created a bucket full of great, pre-vetted candidates ready for next time you need to go fishing for a new superstar.