One of the coolest things about remote working is setting up your own remote workspaces.Prefer to work in absolute silence with three screens and no natural light? It's up to you. Love the idea of setting up a comfy pozzie in your local park everyday? You're the boss. As long as you've got good wifi or can tether to your mobile, your #noffice can be anywhere you like.To celebrate our first month of going remote, take a look at how our team have set up their own workspaces. Funnily enough, they're all a pretty good reflection of our personality and role in Weirdly.

Remote workspaces: Weirdo-style

Dale (CEO, co-founder): Predictably, with a pile of books for constant referencing and a window for keeping her connected to the hustle and bustle out in the world.

Remote workspaces - Dale from Weirdly

Simon (CSO, co-founder): Pretty minimal. Let's face it. Simon spends most of his time visiting clients and following leads. He probably should've taken a photo of his car.

Remote workspaces - Simon from Weirdly

Keren (CMO, co-founder): This is the home #noffice. Keren also splits her time between the #GridAKLffice, the #cafeffice and the #sittinginaparkffice. Life is tough.

Remote workspaces - Keren from Weirdly

Hayden (CPO, co-founder): Hayden purpose-built his own workspace so it exactly fits his requirements. Complete with the requisite "I used to be a game designer" figurines next to his monitor.

Remote workspaces - Hayden from Weirdly

Malcolm (Lead Engineer): Extreme clean. Although there's a toddler's birthday party in Malcolm's near future so next week this desk is likely to include far more pink streamers, and balloons.

Remote workspaces - Malcolm from Weirdly

Bridget (Front-end developer): Super light and loads of amazing art just casually mid-creation. Not pictured: Twin kittens getting themselves stuck up the chimney.

Remote workspaces - Bridget from Weirdly

Seb (Front-end developer): This is Seb's desk under the stairs. Yes, he's got a scar on his forehead, has an uncanny ability to magic things out of thin air and will probably save the world one day.

Remote workspaces - Seb from Weirdly

Jeff (Organisational Psychologist, Head of Data Science): With a brand new baby and a toddler in the house, Jeff's work-time usually includes sneaking out to the library or a cafe close to home.

Remote workspaces - Jeff from Weirdly

What does your #noffice look like today? Flick us a picture on twitter or instagram.