Last month, the Human Rights Commission here in New Zealand posted a sound clip of a recruiter verbally attacking what sounds like a possible candidate. If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t bother, you’ll get the gist of it from this blog. Recruiters nationwide were (rightly) outraged and demanded to know the identity of the recruiter. To their credit, Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA), who represent over 3000 recruitment professionals and companies, responded the same day. They sent an open letter to the Human Rights Commission condemning the actions of the recruiter, and at the same time created a mildly viral campaign #shedoesnotspeakforus encouraging all recruitment professionals to join in the condemnation.They are going further than that. Tomorrow they have got Dame Susan Devoy (the Race Relations Commissioner), their own CEO, Charles Cameron, and others on a free webinar open to all New Zealand recruiters. It is called "Ten ways to stamp out racism in New Zealand"Register for free here.Here at Weirdly, we thought it was important to alert you of this webinar. We were as outraged as everyone else when we heard the sound clip, and we applaud the RCSA for doing something about it so fast, and then following through with a solution.