With our wooshy new Single Sign-On feature candidates can click a button to use their Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn accounts to sign up to your portal.

Let’s be real. When you’re in the world of high-volume recruitment, a lot of the people you’re talking to are GenZ. And a lot of Gen-Zs will be just kind of thinking about maybe looking for a job – that low-intent while they’re watching Euphoria. Any effort, even if that’s just typing their email address, will send it straight to the too-hard basket.

Our wooshy new Single Sign-On feature was designed just for them. Candidates can click a button to use their Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn account to sign up to your portal. One click and their profile is set up.

Even for candidates who are really motivated to apply, it’s still one less password to remember – and one less time they’ll have to type their email address out.

Here’s what it looks like for your candidates: simple. They can sign up the old-fashioned way or click one of three buttons for instant access. Better still, signing in with these platforms makes it easy to share basic information – so they don’t have to fill in things like their date of birth.

What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (known in the biz as SSO) lets users sign up to new accounts on lots of different apps using just one set of credentials. When they want to log back in, they simply use the same credentials again. That means they don’t need to remember a new password and generally don’t have to enter any details at all – if they’re already logged in to, say, Facebook, they get in at one click of a button.

Is SSO safe?

When it comes to internet security, it feels like something so simple and streamlined is surely a data breach waiting to happen. Really, the simplicity of it can actually improve security – your candidates only need to remember one password, so they’re much more likely to choose something strong and harder to guess. Your candidate accounts also get to piggyback off the security systems of the platform they’re using to sign in with – Facebook, for example, can use two-factor authentication, the gold standard of security.

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