It’s finally here!Joining the ranks of other great collabs to hit the Australasian shelves this year (I’m looking at you, Marmite Kettle Korn), the much anticipated Weirdly + Snaphire integration has been released and is already making recruiting teams from some of our biggest clients very, very happy. If you’re using Snaphire as the ATS in your company, you might want to check this out. Give our team a nudge here and we’ll set up a demo and chat about how it might make your life a little easier.In the meantime, here are a few of the key points you need to know about this new ATS integration:

A recruiting mullet: Weirdly up front, Snaphire in the back.

Working within Snaphire’s new Talent App Store, you can now connect your existing Weirdly account (or open a new one) by finding us in the Assessments tab.

Weirdly in Snaphire Talent App store
Choose the teal one with the friendly logo.

Quizzes are totally customisable. From the questions to the design, this integration gives candidates a taste of your culture, while testing how well they align with your company values. The best thing about this particular integration is it allows you to put the custom Weirdly experience at the front of your recruitment process. Whether you choose a simple branded design, or a more ambitious animated experience, you'll be gathering data on your applicants that's truly valuable in building faster, better quality shortlists.

Weirdly Snaphire integration for Bunnings
Customise with your own logos and colours. Or go large and turn the whole thing into an animated pick-a-path extravaganza - your imagination is the only limit!

We all know hiring candidates that align with your company values has a huge impact on your retention rates. With this new integration, you not only provide an awesome application experience, you can see how each candidate aligns with your culture and values without ever leaving the comfort of your cosy Snaphire dashboard.

Snaphire dashboard with Weirdly integration
See at a glance how well each candidate aligns with your company values.

If assessing values alignment, improving retention and delivering your candidates a better experience than the generic ATS application is important to you, drop us a line now.