So you’ve set up your Weirdly quiz, it’s bursting with your unique brand personality and you’re ready for your next employee superstar to come whizzing through the virtual door.

Before Weirdly can work, those great candidates have to find you. That means, spreading your quiz link far and wide.

Here’s our sourcing cheat sheet: Our top 10 list of places to share your quiz to attract the top talent to your door:

1. Ask your Staff:

Ever heard the saying ‘Superstars run in packs’? Nope? Well, I just made it up then. It makes sense that the great people you already have on your team are likely to know other people who are just as awesome as they are.

Let your team know you’re looking for new people and ask them to share the link out amongst their friends, contacts and networks.

You can even offer an incentive – if you end up hiring someone they refer, you’ll offer a token of your appreciation. We find rewards that involve food, cash or booze are popular – ones that involve singing telegrams, not so much.

2. Share on Social Media:

This is an easy one. Post the link from your company’s social media accounts - twitter, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, they’re all great for attracting people. Ask your friends and followers to share the link with people who fit the bill.

A little trick: If you start your post with “Who do you know who…”, your readers will find it much easier to think of specific people they can share the link with, rather than with a more generic “we’re looking for…”.

3. List it on Job Boards:

This is the traditional approach – but it’s still really effective. Job boards can be industry-generic (like TradeMeJobs, Seek, Glassdoor etc) or very specific to your location, industry or role (US-based retail, techy-development, Not-for-profit sector).

If you're based in NZ (or recruiting from NZ!), you can post a job directly onto the TradeMeJobs job-board from the Weirdly distribute page. It'll pull all your job info and if you don't have a TradeMe account, you can even buy the job posting directly from us.

Some of these boards will let you attach your Weirdly quiz link to the “apply now” buttons, some will need you to load it up as part of the job ad text. If it’s the latter, make sure you include a clear instruction so your applicants know what to do. Something like “To apply for this job, copy this link into your web browser and follow the instructions”.

4. Tap your industry Bodies/Associations:

Are you a member of an industry body? Chamber of Commerce? A business network or association?

Lots of these places have websites with “positions vacant” pages. You can often list your job there with a link to your Weirdly quiz for free, or very cheap. It’s also worth asking about opportunities to include the ad in their next newsletter or magazine. If your association is kicking it old-skool with a printed version of these, you might want to include your quiz link as a QR code (see trick #9 to see how).

5. Set up some social ads:

You’ve already shared across the social networks you own. Now consider setting up some social ads. This is actually pretty easy to do and if you want to, you can get REALLY specific on who you’re looking for – right down to what kind of music or hobbies they’re into.

You can set up ads without a company Facebook page – you just link directly to your Weirdly quiz. You will need a Twitter profile to set up twitter ads, but you’ll find you can also link these directly to your quiz.

You can set up both so that you only get charged when someone clicks on the ad, and you can cap your budget (we recommend spending say, $50 over a week) so you won’t log on and found you’ve accidentally spent 1million dollars overnight.

6. Email it to your own network:

This one seems obvious right? Crazy how often we all forget to do it though. Try sending an quick personal email to your own email contacts, very briefly outlining the kind of person you’re looking for and asking them to “shoulder tap” people they think might fit the bill by sharing the link to your quiz.

7. Put it in your next company e-newsletter:

Ready to send out that next quarterly newsletter? Make sure you include the news that you’re looking for someone great to join your team and link your Weirdly quiz to a button. This is really easy to do if you’re using Mailchimp or something similar.

8. Post it on your own website:

Got a careers page? You can post the link to your Weirdly quiz so people can apply directly from your page.

If you don’t have a careers page, consider adding a call to action with a link to your job on your contact page. This works particularly well if you’re often looking for people to fill similar roles (like, waitresses, call center operators or shelf-stackers), or if you just want to build a pool of keen people who generally fit with your brand.

Companies like Vend and Superette have these “general” quizzes open all the time. Then, when they have a specific role available they send the link out to this pool of pre-qualified candidates – clever!

9. Put a note in your window:

Or on your bar, or your retail counter. The point is, do what you’ve been doing for years – sticking up that “apply here” poster, but apply a modern twist. Try printing your Weirdly quiz link on the poster as a QR code. People can scan the QR code with their mobile phones, get taken directly to the quiz and do the application on the spot! This site makes generating a QR code really easy – just copy and paste your Weirdly link into the box.

10. Use your email footer:

Your email sign-off gets seen by every person you email in a day – that’s a lot of people!

Include a note that you’re hiring and a link to your quiz in your sign-off – you never know where you’re going to find your next superstar, it could be someone you just emailed.

This is just a selection of sourcing methods we recommend to attract top talent and get people applying through your Weirdly quiz. Try them out and let us know below - Which ones work best for you? What other tricks or methods do you use when hiring?

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