So Thanksgiving is done. Time to grab a leftover turkey sandwich, kiss your Mum goodbye and pack those elasticated pants away 'til Christmas.There's one thing you shouldn't pack away too quickly though, and that's the reflection and gratitude that comes with this most cosy and delicious of holidays.Here at Weirdly, we're really big on gratitude. Acknowledging the awesome help, startup advice and support people give to us is a pretty huge part of growing a happy, healthy team - as well as making us better founders (not to mention, much nicer to be around).Some of our favourite things to be thankful for are the clever, wise and sometimes plain funny nuggets of advice people have given us along the startup journey. So we thought we'd give you an opportunity to share yours.Click into the field below and share a piece of advice or encouragement someone gave you, early in your startup journey. It could be short and sweet, or long and kind of serious - whatever. We want to hear it all so make sure you share this around your team as well.Then, we're going to pull them together into an awesome startup advice compilation. An advompilation, if you will. Then you can stick it on your wall in your office kitchen - something to inspire everyone while they're making cups of tea and way better than that tired old "hang in there" kitty.Good feelings! Warm fuzzies!

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