Uber's ride-share app famously offers the best user experience in the market. As of this week, Weirdly's helping them deliver that same quality of experience to their job applicants.

This partnership was one that got the whole team excited.

Developing questions for a customer with an authentic dedication to culture-growth and real focus on putting values first was pretty cool for our psych team. Our designers loved working with such a polished, refined brand and our devs are excited to be taking our "Weirdly at second stage" process for a spin.

All in all, it's been a cool few weeks for the crew working on this project here at Weirdly HQ and I'm chuffed to share a sneak peek at what we've all created together.

What are we trying to achieve?

This custom Weirdly quiz is part of Uber's 2020 Graduate Recruitment Campaign, launched this week. The mobile-friendly quiz is sent to any candidates who complete the first stage application on Uber's website.  

It's an awesome way to further engage these candidates in a fun, interactive activity. But the value goes far beyond enjoyment.

The Uber team get an insight into a candidate's alignment with the core values that drive the Uber culture. That's not to say they're looking for people who are exact replicas of exisiting staff.

That core value alignment means that the diversity and fresh perspective new hires add to the company are supported by a common ground. Core values that connect teams and form a supportive foundation for inclusivity and difference.

The data instantly generated by Uber's Weirdly assessment helps determine which candidates get invited to the next step in the process - a hands-on assessment centre.

Candidate experience meets volume management in one engaging step. As our Aussie mates say, "Why wouldn' cha?".

UberXWeirdly: Here's a sneak peek

It was important to make this candidate experience feel like a seamless extension of the Uber career site. We designed this custom quiz so that it looked and felt and sounded just like the rest of the Uber brand.

Have a squizz and let us know what you think.

If you're like Uber and think values should be at the heart of your recruitment strategy, a custom Weirdly quiz can help bring your vision to life. Talk to one of our team today and find out how Weirdly could work in your process.