Let’s just be real a second – sourcing candidates for volume roles is tough at the moment. Everyone, everywhere is feeling it.

A couple of years ago, managing too many candidates was the challenge, but the tide has turned and now everyone's battling to get more people in the top of their funnel.

Building pools of passive candidates is kind of our thing, but when it comes to attraction, you can never have too many levers to pull! So we've spun up a new Talent Portal feature that'll help add to your own sourcing and attraction efforts: Refer-a-friend.

Candidate sourcing gold: refer a friend

If you’re using Weirdly, you can now enable a new Refer-A-Friend feature that lets your candidates invite their own network to join your talent community. Here’s why it’s something you need asap.

Organically grow your talent pool or community

Friend-get-friend in recruitment is some powerful candidate-sourcing magic. You’ll find that one candidate may have a couple of friends who might also suit you – and these are often passive candidates. They’ve been talking about switching jobs, but haven’t done much about it. Getting a message from their mate about a chance to earn money while they hang out with them will be all the nudge they need. You’ll turn each candidate into two or three and build your talent pool or community organically (and effortlessly).

Re-engage existing candidates

Keeping in touch with your talent pool or community is the candidate-sourcing secret sauce – and refer-a-friend is an easy way to invite those already in your pool to reengage. While you’re at it, you also get to tap into their networks and prompt them to update their details in the process. Hey presto, a bigger, more engaged, more up-to-date talent community.

Identify and reward VIP referrers

You’ll find some candidates love that refer-a-friend button. They want to fill your shop floor with their friends. Those are your VIPs – the Refer-A-Friend Feature lets you track those top-referrers so you can reward them for their efforts. It even lets you track the referrals right through the process, so you figure out those who are referring quality, not just quantity. For example, if one candidate has referred five friends, all of whom have made it through to interview stage, that’s a friend-get-friend VIP right there.

It super-charges all your other campaign efforts

Running an information session complete with mini skills-lab as a way to attract candidates to some hard-to-fill bartending roles? Invite participants to invite-a-friend that might also like to come along. Manage to nab 10 tickets to a sponsorship event from the marketing team? Instead of simply giving them away, use them as an incentive for people who refer-a-friend into your talent community. Basically, any campaign that involves giving something away - whether it's swag, experiences or exclusive knowledge - you can make more effective by including this feature.

How Refer-A-Friend works

The best thing about Refer-A-Friend is that your candidates do all the work for you – and even then, it’s pretty low touch. Here’s what happens:

1. Candidates complete their profile

Once your candidate is all set up in your talent pool, they see a simple, friendly screen, with a message you can tailor yourself.

Weirdly refer a friend candidate sourcing feature
2. Candidates type in their friend’s details

First name, last name, email address – that’s it. Poof, their mates get invited into the fold.

3. The friend gets a tailored email

The Weirdly system automatically sends a nicely crafted email to the candidate’s friend. We have road-tested email templates for you to customise. That way the email starts off that new candidate experience the right way.

Weirdly refer a friend invite email for candidate sourcing

4. You get more candidates into your pool

You know what happens when candidates click to join your talent pool – they’re taken through the Weirdly assessment and a seamless candidate experience. That means you’ve got new candidates plopped into your pool already warmed up and ready to start work.

High-volume candidate sourcing needs Refer-A-Friend

When candidates are hard to come by you need to think beyond job boards and your recruitment page – especially if you need that high volume coming through your system. Refer-A-Friend is an easy way to boost those numbers without boosting your workloads – the candidates do all the digging to uncover a treasure trove of passive job seekers. Better still, the very act of inviting their mates will reengage the candidates already in your talent pool.

To learn more about how Refer-A-Friend can put the volume back into your high-volume candidate sourcing, book a demo or contact your customer manager.