How do you make sure you’re cutting through the frenzied noise of social media, so candidates will actually see your posts? So glad you asked!

If you’re recruiting Gen Z (and actually, if you’re recruiting pretty much anyone), social platforms are going to be a key point of candidate acquisition. For lots of companies, their employer brand pages can work almost like a quasi-talent community – there’s a reason why those people chose to engage with you.

Here are some surprisingly simple techniques that will put metaphorical neon lights around your posts.

Get the first five words right

People online are super-skimmers – their eyes are darting over the screen, subconsciously categorising information into two categories: Read This and Ignore. You can guess which one you want your post to be in.

The skim-reading patterns suggest that candidates will make that decision based on the first few words in a post. So get some juicy words in there – tell people what the post is about and why they should pay attention. That might be the kind of role and the main sales feature – the big salary, fun travel perks or an amazing team.

Some examples:
Waiter job – no experience needed!
Sales role, $25/hr start!
Free pizza! Delivery drivers wanted

Find a way to call out job posts

Use an emoji, consistent formatting or header to indicate when you’re posting about a new role, rather than your more general posts.

Some examples:
***JOB TIME***
🔥 Sales job!

Spend a little to boost your posts

The sad truth is that most social platforms are in it for the money – they’ve tinkered with the algorithm so that even if people have liked your page, they won’t necessarily see all your posts in their news feeds. The average post gets less than 0.1% engagement – that is, almost none of your followers will see, comment on or like your posts. There is so much you can do to boost the numbers, but the fastest and easiest way is to just throw money at them – click the blue boost button and you’ll get more eyeballs on your posts.

The handy social post formula

<job-ad indicator> <Role> <sales feature>
If you’re interested in <what your brand is> and enjoy <the core skill or task> we’d like to meet you! You could be part of our vibrant workplace with <main benefit>, as well as <other benefit>.
Call to action: Apply at [link]

Here's what the ad might look like

🔥    Waiter job – no experience needed!
If you’re interested in great food and enjoy making people smile, we’d like to meet you! You could be part of our vibrant workplace with free meals as well as full training and great pay.
Call to action: Apply at

Is there a difference between recruitment posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram?

Yes and no. The basics remain the same whether you’re connecting to your potential candidates or not. They’ll still be searching and selectively ignoring some information, and still won’t see all your posts if you’re not putting some dollars behind them.

Where there is some difference between the platforms is in the mindset of the users – this might mean you’re a bit more serious and formal on LinkedIn and more chatty on Instagram, for example. The features of each platform play into things here too. You’ll need to put more effort into quality imagery and video on Facebook and Instagram than is necessary for LinkedIn. Instagram won’t let you put links into posts, you’ll need to set up a plugin like Linktree, and LinkedIn has an automated ‘hiring’ style post you might like to use.

Get that cut-through, get those candidates

Unless your pals down in marketing are lending you a hand, you’re likely rowing the recruitment advertising boat on your own. A few simple tricks can make each post all the more attention-grabbing so you know you’re getting as many candidates through the recruitment process as possible.

We know how hard it can be to get candidates in. That’s why Weirdly was designed to keep candidates engaged. See for yourself – book a demo.