Hey did you know you have an admin section in your Weirdly account? This is where you can view and edit all sorts of cool stuff. You can access this from anywhere within Weirdly by just clicking on the little cog icon in the black navigation bar running along the top of your page. It looks like this:

Weirdly user admin access

In this post, we'll break down a few of the most handy things you can do in your admin section:View and edit your subscriptionForgotten what plan you're on? What to upgrade or downgrade? It's easy to do - just follow these simple steps:Step 1. Click into your admin panel (see the opening paragraph of this post)Step 2. Click the "Plans & Billing" tab on this list

Plans and Billing admin tab

Step 3. Upgrade or downgrade your account by clicking the green button below the package you'd like. If you're upgrading from free to any of our paid plans, just follow the prompts to put in your credit card details.

Upgrade Button

Voila! You've been upsized (or downsized).Pro Tip:If you scroll down on this tab, you can see your complete Weirdly transaction history - handy for when the CFO's asking you to check off every credit card line item. NotificationsThis is where you control how often you receive summary emails. These are simple notification emails that give you a quick view of how many applicants you've received in a given period. You control how often you get these (or whether you want them at all), and, like your subscription, you can dial these up or down whenever you need to.Step 1. On your admin panel, click into the "Notifications" tabStep 2. Select the frequency you'd like by clicking the green button.

Notification tab

Add or Remove Multi Admin Team MembersIf you're on one of our medium or large plans, you'll have the ability to add multiple admins to your account. This is awesome for collaborating on recruitment campaigns - you can each add notes to candidates and share responsibility for reviewing applications and shortlists. To manage these team members, follow these steps:Step 1. On your admin panel, select the "Users" tabStep 2. You can remove existing admins by clicking on the "X" to the right of their listing.Step 3. You can add new admins by dropping their details into the fields and clicking the green "Invite" button. This'll send them an invitation email and so they can log-in and collaborate on your Weirdly account.

Weirdly multi admin

Amending Your Organisation Details (or deleting your account)This section is where you can change you go to change your address - handy for when you move into that fancy new office and your address changes. It's also where you can change the URL that your account uses. This is the URL that sits as the first portion of all your quiz links (see the example in the image below). Also, if for some reason you need to delete your account, you can do that here too. Be warned though, this deletes all the data you've captured too so make sure you're sure. We always recommend people downgrade to a free account, rather than delete.To change your organisation details:Step 1. In your admin panel, click on the "Organisation" tabStep 2. Click into the fields you want to change and just start typing - same rule applies if you want to change your vanity URL. This forms part of the link address candidates see so it's helpful if it contains all or part of your business name.

Organisation Details

To delete your account:Step 1. On the same "Organisation" tab (in your admin panel), scroll down until you see the header "delete my organisation"Step 2. Make sure you're very, very sure you want to delete rather than downgrade to a free plan. Remember, deleting will lose all the candidate data you have collected.Step 3. Push the big orangey-red button.

Delete button

So that's it for our admin panel so far. We're trying to make Weirdly as self-serve as possible, so it's easy for you r customise and manage exactly in the way and shape you need it to work. If you've got any suggestions of things you'd like to see added to the admin panel, let us know here.