So we’ve just released our Weirdly #growthsprint Week2 feature and it's a two part-er. Spoiler alert: Get your nerd glasses ready because both parts involve some jazzy analytics.We’ve had over 10,000 unique applicants come through Weirdly quizzes so far (WHAAAAT!!?) and 681 job-quizzes created. As you can imagine, that means we’ve amassed a fair amount of data.Our new 30sec Weirdly Quiz builder was the first outcome of that data. We now know which questions work best for measuring certain characteristics so we're helping you build quizzes heaps faster.The next thing we’re doing with that rich information is applying it to the development of some quiz reporting. It's a big job, so we’re doing it in stages:Phase One: Individual response comparisons (I know, it’s snappy)Launching: TODAY!What is it? Dale and Keren refer to this as the “woopty line thingy”. But what it’s called is way less impressive than what it does. If you’re on a paid subscription and you’ve clicked into an applicant response, you’ll notice a wavy line sitting behind Slider answers.

Weirdly slider analytics

And next to Ordered List answers, you’ll see an extra set of answers in a pale grey box.

Weirdly Ordered List analytics

These are showing you how that applicant’s answer tracks compared to all the other responses you’ve had on that particular quiz. That's really useful if you’re testing your quiz on your internal team and using those responses to set your “ideal answer”.Here’s the important thing to note: Often, the most effective questions for uncovering real, honest insights about your applicant are the ones with the flattest line. This indicates you’re getting a really varied selection of answers – your question doesn’t have an obvious “correct” answer.Phase Two: Full Quiz ReportsLaunching: Next weekWhat is it? It’s basically what it says on the box – a fuller report on your quiz. You’ll be able to see how and when people are completing your quiz, as well as which sourcing methods (places you've shared the link) are most effective at driving applicants. You’ll also be able to see a full break down of how people are interacting with each question – how long they’re taking to answer, when and where people are dropping off. It’s all really useful stuff for reporting to bosses or tweaking your quiz or your sourcing/marketing.Phase Three: Crazy Insane Things You Won’t BelieveLaunching: TBCWhat is it? We’re still working on the “what’s possible” questions here, but we want to give you some easy insight into the attributes you’re measuring, and perhaps some “at a glance” insight into free text questions.We’re really interested in what YOU would like us to measure. Let us know and we’ll set the brainiacs a-puzzling.

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