So here's the thing guys, I'm starting to run out of ways to intro posts about big, huge feature roll-outs. This #growthsprint has us dropping so many hits, we're like Motown in the 60's. I'm all "look out - it's the Jackson 5! Oh whaaa? There go The Supremes! Get outta town daddy-o, is that my man, Marvin Gaye?".

And here we are, again. With another BIG ONE.

Last week we intro'd you to the woopty line thing, now we're dropping the full noise analytics report on you.

If you're on a paid plan, this thing is going to be a gold-mine of insights about how people are completing your quizzes, which ads or sourcing channels are sending you the best quality applicants, and when and where people are getting stuck.

If you're not on a paid plan, here's where you can upgrade and get access to your own quiz data.

Before we go any further, you can find your report by jumping into your job/quiz and clicking on the graph icon. See it sitting there next to the envelope, all full of scientific promise?

Weirdly report icons

For the viewers at home, here's a sneaky-peek at SOME of the stuff you can see in these new reports:


Weirdly report overview

This gives you a snapshot view of how your quiz is performing. One key thing to note here: Unlike other recruiting tools you may be familiar with (I'm looking at you, psychometric-guy), don't automatically assume a longer "Average completion time" is a bad thing. If you have a few free-text questions that are asking your applicants to really think hard or creatively, they'll take a little longer to answer. This can actually be a positive thing, depending on the person you're looking for and the questions they're taking ages over. One of our developers, Dan, takes like 25minutes to answer a simple question about lunch. That agonising consideration is what makes him so brilliantly awesome at his job.

Referral report:

Weirdly report referral channels

This where you find out what advertising channels are actually working for you. You can see how many applicants are coming through job board ads (like TradeMe or Seek), or via your website or social media platforms. The real gold? You can also see what quality of candidates you're getting from those places. So you might find you're getting heaps of candidates from Seek, but actually the ones who come via Twitter are scoring WAY higher so maybe you should be focussing your advertising spend there instead.

Individual question breakdown:

Weirdly report woopty line thing

Not only can you see the woopty line thing on these reports, you can also see how long each question is taking to answer (on average) and how where people are dropping off. We actually used this the other day to analyse a client's live quiz. We saw applicants were dropping off at an important (but tricky) free text question that was sitting near the start of the quiz. We moved it down the end and, low and behold, the drop-off rates reduced heaps.

Beautiful graphs and things:

Weirdly report graph

There are a stack of graphs that will show you useful things like what time of day people are clicking into the quiz, and when they're actually responding (completing questions). Handy for timing advertising campaigns. You can also see the spread by date and week - particularly useful for those general "do you want to work with us" talent pool quizzes.

So whether you're reporting to your boss, your team or just like graphs a lot, this new feature is going to make your Weirdly experience heaps richer and way more fun.

If you AREN’T a weirdly user (what?), you can check us out with a demo by clicking the button below: