If the ATS market was a coming-of-age movie, Greenhouse would be the new kid who arrived and became star quarterback overnight. They're popular, great looking, holding down straight-As and a member of every extra-curricular club or activity you can imagine. 

The big appeal for many Greenhouse users (aside from that 🔥UI/UX) is the range of features and integrations they offer. We’re chuffed to add Weirdly to that list. Pre-screening for soft-skills has never been easier for Greenhouse users (or more fun for their candidates). 

Sound like a bit of you? The first step is to book a demo with our crew so they can run specific use-cases using your own unique requirements, as well as show you all the shiny bells and whistles.  

Once you’re onboard, here’s an example of how some Greenhouse users are already integrating Weirdly into their process:

Step 1: Add a Weirdly quiz to your job. 

This is as simple as just choosing “add Weirdly” from a dropdown in your usual job set up page. One click and it’s done. Honestly, I wish it were more complicated so this paragraph didn't have to be so short.

Step 2: Automatically invite candidates to complete your Weirdly soft skills assessment.

For your candidate, the experience is just as seamless. They apply for your job the usual way - clicking on a jobboard ad, directly from your career site, via your facebook page - however you’re sourcing your candidates. Once they’ve submitted their initial application details, an email is automatically sent with a link to complete your Weirdly quiz. The email is branded with your logo and text can be customised to you which gives your candidates additional employer brand exposure.

Step 3: Review the best candidate profiles

Each candidate in Greenhouse who completes a Weirdly assessment is automatically tagged with a score range so you can see at a glance which candidates have the soft skills you need.

Clicking into the candidate profile allows you to download their full Weirdly assessment. You’ll be able to see how they answered each question and how those questions relate to the soft skills you’ve chosen to test. 

Simple, huh? Three steps - one of which is totally automated. So really, two steps.

Two tiny steps for recruiters, one giant leap for your hiring process.

But don’t take our word for it. One of our customers who has been trialling our Greenhouse integration recently sent us this: 

"Using Weirdly with Greenhouse has been amazing - it allows me to give a world-class candidate experience, without ever having to leave my Greenhouse dashboard. We're getting amazing results in the NXS feature that weirdly provides too, showing that candidates love the process as much as we do!"

That NXS feature mentioned? That’s a metric we use to report on your candidate experience. That’s right, a real, qualifiable number that you can use to measure how good a candidate experience you’re delivering. Strictly speaking, this isn’t just a WeirdlyXGreenhouse feature, it’s available across all our ATS integrations. We also offer it as a module to those brands (like Bumble and Atlassian) using Weirdly as an engagement tool on their careers site. 

So if you’re using Greenhouse to manage your applicant workflows, Weirdly can help make your candidate experience feel more branded and engaging. Oh, and if you like saving up to ⅓ of your screening time, Weirdly delivers that too. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Book a personalised demo with one of our team now.