It’s been a month of change around the world and here at Weirdly, we’ve been bitten by the same bug.

Along with some exciting new features, our team have been working at designing a fresh, new look for our brand. And we’re really excited to share it with you here, along with a bit of a breakdown about what it all means.

Even back when we started, we knew what we were about. We had a shared vision for the future we wanted to help our industry create and the kind of company we wanted to build. 

Our goal with this refresh was to reflect the evolution we’ve made from a small culture assessment tool into an older, wiser, more full product suite - a Talent Platform that does much more than we did when we signed up our first user almost seven years ago. But in this growing up of the brand, it was equally important to us that we not lose our sense of fun and energy.

One of the benefits of founding a company with a brand strategist and designer in the team from the first day is that we could pull together a “brand” really fast and move onto the more important things (like making a great product that our customers love).

But, like every company, Weirdly has come to the point where we need a refresh.

So, understanding the value of a fresh pair of eyes, we bought in an agency we’ve admired for a long time - Seachange - to help us concept and design this refresh.

New look, same attitude

We might have swapped out the old teal for a brighter purple, but our commitment to building brilliant products that help high volume recruiters hire frontline teams faster hasn’t changed. We still believe in a vision of the future where front line recruitment is faster and fairer, and we’ll never stray from our dedication to putting our customers first.

Basically, we’ve got a new outfit and it’s making us walk a little taller, but we’re still the same old people geeks you know and love. 

Out with the old, in with the new

Everyone loves a good before and after, so here’s a peek at ours, starting off with our bold new logo:

We’ll roll this out with a palette of fresh new colours:

And our own emoji-pal to use across social media profiles and when you’re chatting to us on our live help-desk.

If you’re already a weirdly user, you’ll see the new branding appear on your reports, user knowledge base, emails from customer managers and, we're starting to roll it out across the weirdly app - with purple where there used to be teal, a few font updates and most importantly, a new colour gradient to indicate high and low scores.

Where we used to use a colour palette that went from teal to red to indicate an assessment result, you'll now see we're using a range from bright purple to deep orange.

If you’re not a customer yet and want to get a deeper look, book a demo with one of our team and you’ll get to see our newly updated sales collateral (😉).