Bonjour! Kia Ora! 你好! Olá! Whatever language your candidates use to say hi, Weirdly's right there with our new translation feature.Gone are the days where a global recruitment means watering down your candidate experience to a boring, easily-translatable ATS application form. With this new feature you can showcase your employer brand, give candidates a peek at your organisational culture and inject a bit of fun right at the front of your application process, in any language you like.

This guy is as chuffed as we are about recruiting in Mandarin

How does Weirdly work in different languages?

First, for any newbies here, Weirdly produces simple, fully-customised quizzes that integrate into your current recruitment process. These not only transform your application process into a world-class candidate experience, they also screen every single applicant for alignment with your core organisational values. That means faster screening (as we pre-qualify based on alignment), higher candidate engagement and ultimately, better quality hires that don't churn.Until now, we could only offer this improved candidate experience in english speaking recruitment campaigns - not ideal for any of our larger, global customers. So we built them a feature you all get to benefit from.Being able to serve the same screening quiz in different languages has the obvious advantage of giving applicants all around the world, a consistent and inclusive employee brand experience. Particularly awesome for our customers who're recruiting customer-facing, retail or hospo roles.

With an ATS Integration:

If you're using Weirdly integrated into your ATS process, your quiz will automatically be attached to each job ad, in the language of that ad. So say you're advertising a role on a major US job-board, with a Chinese version posted on WeChat. The WeChat ad will automatically be linked to your Chinese language Weirdly quiz, while the English version will be attached to the US job board ad. This linking is done automatically in your ATS without you having to click any extra buttons - keeping it super simple!

Hiring in brazil? Sem problemas!

Without an ATS integration:

Whether you're running a campaign outside your usual ATS process, or hosting an expressions of interest/talent pooling job on your career site, a Weirdly quiz is a brilliant way to attract and engage with your applicants. People clicking into your custom quiz will be presented with language options to choose from. On selecting their preferred language, they'll be able to click straight through and complete the questions in their preferred language. Such an easy way to create an inclusive, accessible candidate experience.If you're serious about diversity and inclusion, or recruiting across global markets, engaging with candidates in their preferred language is important. We're chuffed to offer a way to do that, without compromising on candidate experience. Ka rawe!

Weirdly screening quizzes include a question bank tailored to your company and validated by the Weirdly CultureLab. It's branded to look and feel like your company, and can be integrated seamlessly with your ATS. Sound cool? Find out how it could slot into your process.