Fire up the barbie, Aussies! Weirdly's setting up shop in Australia.Sascha Gray (ex. Hired,Inc and Seek) has joined the crew as Head of Sales and will be heading up our new Australian presence, based in Sydney. We're chuffed - partly because Sascha is pretty much the perfect person to help connect us to more Australian businesses, and partly because it means more visits over the Tasman to the land of sunshine and beaches.[caption id="attachment_9152" align="aligncenter" width="480"]

This could be us. Swoon.[/caption]With clients like Atlassian and Bunnings adding Weirdly screening to their HR technology stack in the last year, we've made the call to set up a permanent presence over the ditch. This'll mean we can deliver more streamlined customer success, account management and onboarding help to our Aussie-based customers, as well as having a dedicated sales presence on the ground.This exciting move also comes at the same moment Dale's setting sail back to the US to keep growing our presence over there. It's all busy, busy here at Weirdly.If you're in Australia and keen to talk with Sascha, in the US and want to meet with Dale or just keen to hear about the huge stuff our product team have been working on - drop us a message.Weirdly's customisable assessments pre-screen your candidates for values alignment. We help manage your volume, reduce churn and provide an unbeatable candidate experience. If you're keen to hear how Weirdly could work in your organisation, book a demo here.