We've made loooads of updates over the past week that'll make your Weirdly experience even better:1. First up, it’s now possible for you to embed your quizzes on your own websites. YAAAAS. You’ll find a code snippet on the distribute tab of the quiz builder. It looks like this:

Embed Weirdly quiz

Copy and paste that snippet into your own site’s html, wherever you want the quiz to appear. The best place to add the code varies from site to site, so you might want to send it to your developer or IT guy if you're a bit unsure. Once it’s embedded, the quiz automagically resizes to fit the height of the quiz, so no scrollbars will appear.2. There’s now a button on the distribute page that lets you tell us if you’d like us to promote your job.

Weirdlyjobs promotion

For now, this just means we’ll share your link on our @weirdlyjobs twitter. In the future, who knows? I hear emailing directly to someone’s brain is a thing now.3. You can now delete your closed quizzes forever (incase you’re one of those anti-clutter types). To do this, move your quiz into the “closed” tab. From here, you can delete it by clicking the rubbish bin icon on your quiz control panel.

delete Weirdly quiz

When a quiz is deleted, it won’t show up in your list of quizzes anymore, but all the candidate responses will still be safe and accessible through your "all candidates" tab.4. We’re working on making the quiz builder even easier to use. In the meantime, there’s now a prompt inside the question dropzone that suggests what kinds of questions you should add or subtract next, based on the combinations we know make up the best quizzes. Down-forward, down-forward, punch.5. Heaps of you were accidentally sharing links to quizzes that weren’t technically “open”, meaning people were getting confusing error messages when they tried to click. So we’ve added a little feature that blocks you from sending out a link before you’ve launched. Think of it as a chastity belt for your quiz.6. Speaking of the quiz builder, when you’re in the “review” tab, you’ll notice a blue spanner icon next to each question.

Weirdly quiz question - Edit tab

Clicking this icon jumps you back into the quiz builder with the correct question expanded, so you can fix that typo you’ve just spotted right away.7. We’ve fixed it so you now get more control over the salary and benefits information when you’re loading up a TradeMeJobs listing.8. You can now have bullet point lists in your welcome and thank you messages without the formatting going all weird.9. Quizzes now close at 11:59pm on your chosen close date so people can apply right up to the last minute.10. Other small tweaks and fixes to make everything load faster, work smoother and generally increase the awesome.Jump into your account, have a play and tell us what you think!Don't have a Weirdly account? Sign up for a free trial here.