Weirdly video integration is here! And with the next wave of HR and Recruitment trend reports for 2016 showing video still flagged as one of the major trends in recruitment - it's not a moment too soon.If you've been using Weirdly for your culture screening, you can now collect candidate videos as a second stage component in your own process.Here's how it works:

  1. In your Weirdly account, jump into the "integrations tab" on your admin panel (click the cog icon in the black nav bar at the top of your screen).
  2. Select "Weirdly video" and flick Simon your request. He'll give you a call and our whizz-bang product guys will then apply the integration to your account.
  3. We'll customise the video request message that candidates receive. Your branding and words are applied so the candidate experience feels seamless and uniquely like your brand.
  4. Video now slots seamlessly into your Weirdly recruitment process. Once candidates have completed a Weirdly screening assessment, they're sent a customised email asking them to upload a short video
Weirdly video integration intro screen

Customised candidate instructions:The key to making your video integration really useful is giving candidates really clear instructions. Once your people have completed your Weirdly screening quiz, they're sent an email with instructions to create a video, then simply click a button to upload it directly into their Weirdly profile.As well as including your branding, this email contains the question or instruction you want to give candidates about the kind of video you'd like to see. It could be a question or a challenge. Want a bit of inspiration? Here are a few ideas other clients of ours have used:

[caption id="attachment_6725" align="aligncenter" width="449"]

Weirdly video integration email template

Imagine this email, but with your brand colours, logo and links all over it.[/caption]Manual v Automatic: Setting up your recruitment video integration for maximum awesome:With the new Weirdly video integration, you have complete control over when candidates get sent their video request emails. You can set the requests to go out automatically or manually at will - that means you can set it up to send automatically to every candidate applying to your mid-level sales manager role, then flick it to manual when your high volume graduate campaign kicks off.It's all easily done with the click of a button, right within your Weirdly admin panel.

Weirdly video integration switch from manual to automatic

How do you review videos once they're collected?This is the coolest part of all. Once a candidate has uploaded their video, it's automatically embedded into their assessment profile - right under the personality-donuts. If that doesn't sound convenient AND delicious, I don't know what does! Reviewing from there is easy - just click the image and the video will start playing. And if you've got an multi-admin account, your colleagues can review videos the same way and leave their thoughts for you to read using our handy note feature.

Weirdly video integration candidate example

We'd love to hear what you think about this feature (and other things you'd like to see us building into Weirdly). Join our People-people slack channel to share your thoughts and connect with other recruitment and HR professionals around the world.

If you're keen to make video a part of your recruitment process and think our new Weirdly video integration sounds pretty good, you can dig a little deeper by grabbing a free trial account.

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