At Weirdly we’re all about culture and finding the right job and the right environment for the right people, so we were blown away to be nominated for the Innovation Awards and had a great night meeting cool folks who are doing cool things.

And then we went and won an award and nearly fell out of our chairs!

Emerging New Zealand Innovator no less.

We’re totally chuffed to be a part of this great innovative sector and to be honoured as an emerging player is just the icing on the cake.

We’d like to thank the sponsors, Tangible Media, for their support and kind words, and our clients for being brave enough to put something as important as finding and nurturing new talent in the hands of a bunch of lunatics like us.

New Zealand is a great place to build a business and if the Innovation Awards are anything to go by, the sector is alive and kicking and full of terrific people doing tremendous work.

We’re just happy to play our part.