2015 – the year we change the world. Or rather, the year our clients change the world.

Since starting the Weirdly journey last year, we’ve learned a thousand lessons, celebrated wins, lived through the failures and, in the process, built a team and product that we all feel really privileged to work with and on.

And now we’re ramping it up a notch. And by a notch, we mean a huge leap. A 1988-allstar-weekend-style classic Michael Jordan leap.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead with start up investment from the Punakaiki Fund (with Lance Wiggs) confirmed last week, clients like Xero and Vend joining our user-crew, plus a whole new raft of features due for release.

As part of this next stage, we’ve pulled together an advisory board, chaired by Dale, and including Lance and Kirsti Grant.

We’re stoked to have both of these guys on board (pun intended).

If you’ve been anywhere near the NZ tech start up scene you’ll know Lance Wiggs’ name. Amongst his ridiculously impressive business pedigree, he was co-founder of PowerKiwi, Groupy and Pacific Fibre. He was an advisor on the Fairfax/Trade Me acquisition, is an investor in kiwi-success stories including Xero and Vend, and holds board positions on start-ups like Pocketsmith, Onceit and MyTours. He’s a legend.

Kirsti is also awesome to have in the gang. As the talent magnate at Vend, Kirsti is the chief architect of The Culture Everyone Wants. Bringing her experience from TradeMe jobs, Jobs.co.nz and Vend, Kirsti straddles Weirdly’s world of software start-up and recruitment perfectly. We’re excited to have her advice as we expand into different markets and challenge the way businesses think about talent acquisition.

Add to that, a couple of brand new, crazy-clever devs and a founder team that are continuing to smash it - 2015 is looking like a good year for these weirdos.